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  1. The Overmind 2016 The Anthropic Principle album art

    The Overmind: First single from debut album

    Durban, South Africa: as a movement, extreme Metal in this city has found itself on the upswing in recent years, a trend continued by local Slam/Deathcore band The Overmind. The Anthropic Principle is the debut full length album by The Overmind, and follows on the heels of their 2015 Dissolution EP release. The band has [&hellip

  2. Metal Circuit II cropped image

    Headbang in the Free State: Metal Circuit II

    Bloemfontein, South Africa: when we live in relative isolation, we tend to learn to become self-sufficient. Such is the case with Free State Metal. The city of Bloemfontein, in the region known as The Orange Free State, functions in an ironic sense of isolation from the urban heartbeats of Cape Town and Johannesburg; considering that [&hellip

  3. Creating The Godform 2016 Dead World

    Creating The Godform greet a Dead World

    Cape Town, South Africa: a new beast has reared it’s head in the Mother City with Creating The Godform. Consisting of largely experienced live performers it could be speculated that this is Cape Town’s latest “supergroup” to hit the circuit, featuring Sherlic White (also of The Alpha Sequence) and Conrad Lottering (also of Subject To [&hellip

  4. Terminatryx 2008 self titled album

    Terminatryx: anniversary and gift offer

    Cape Town, South Africa: long-time industrial inspired band Terminatryx are celebrating the eighth anniversary since releasing their self-titled debut album. Limited free (legal) downloads are currently on offer via the band’s bandcamp page, as well as the band having finally released a long-archived music video for the ‘Siek En Sat’ Afrikaans track from the 2008 [&hellip

  5. Zombies Ate My Girlfriend 2016 art clip

    Zombies Ate My WinterFest’16…?

    Cape Town, South Africa: local metal band Zombies Ate My Girlfriend depart for Germany on 30 July 2016 to represent South Africa at Wacken Open Air as part of the international Wacken Metal Battle 2016. The band’s label, Burning Tone Records, has seized this opportunity to launch a tour, kicking off with a send-off party [&hellip

  6. The UnScene 2016 It's In Your Blood

    The UnScene relaunch: Is it in YOUR blood?

    Cape Town, South Africa: local event promotions agency, The UnScene, is currently celebrating a relaunch. Led by super-fan and live music enthusiast Zain Domo, the organization has been one of a few which emerged in recent years to focus on revitalizing the local circuit by giving attention to the all-age market, touring bands, and building [&hellip

  7. Juggernaught 2016 Full Grown Woman original version

    Juggernaught: on tour with new album out

    Pretoria, South Africa: homegrown whiskey chugging “Man Rock” quartet Juggernaught have released their third full length album, Full Grown Woman, this week. Formed in 2007, this band comprised of members from an eclectic mish-mash of backgrounds including blues, metal, jazz, and punk among others, is steamrolling it’s way through Cape Town this weekend to add [&hellip

  8. Infanteria 10-year anniversary

    Infanteria: mark 10-year milestone with gig

    Cape Town, South Africa: we’ve been hearing those rare stories about local metal bands achieving their 10-year milestones every once in a long while. V.O.D (Voice Of Destruction) and Sacraphyx in Cape Town, or Agro and Architecture Of Aggression up North… and then the extraordinary case of Johannesburg’s SacriFist who have just put out their [&hellip

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