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  1. Maximum Carnage press 2015

    Maximum Carnage live in Cape Town, March 2015

    Maximum Carnage, whose roots can be traced to a backyard shed in Witbank, began to take more serious shape in the Gauteng city of Pretoria by around 2009. Today the band is recognized as a groove-laden death metal powerhouse, with enough headbanging prowess to have landed them into the 2014 Wacken Metal Battle South Africa [&hellip

  2. The Drift press pic 2014

    The Drift: Album Coming – Artwork Revealed

    Johannesburg’s The Drift, who burst not only abruptly into the live metal circuit in 2013 but also delivered their debut album Dreams Of Deluge within short months of announcing their existence, have already returned with their second full-length titled The Mountain Star. With the official album launch anticipated for May 2015, the band has revealed [&hellip

  3. Ill System at Mercury Live 2015

    A Blast from the Past to shatter Mercury Live

    A concert of some historic significance is taking place at the Mercury Live in Cape Town this Friday, 20 March. Three bands from the early 2000’s era of the Cape Town metal and hard rock scenes are reuniting for a concert, the likes of which has not been seen in over a decade in terms [&hellip

  4. Die Dood Offerwaters 2015

    Die Dood: Album art and track listing for coming release

    At M4A, we’re always interested in all things metal and including that which skirts along its undefined edges. In some cases, the depth of expression sought by the artists requires of them to strip away the more obvious layers of distorted guitars, double-bass drums and raspy vocals, leaving behind something which many would no longer [&hellip

  5. Beeldenstorm press 2015

    A Storm Approaches: The Beeldenstorm

    Afrikaans is not a common language used in South African heavy metal, even despite so many participants within the genre and local musician community being Afrikaans-speaking at home. Whilst some bands have been a little less shy to express themselves in their home language with band names, such as Suiderbees, Insek, Selfmoord, Kadawer Dialoog, and [&hellip

  6. Witchfest Urban Festival

    Witchfest 2015 from Open Air to Urban: Summary

    Let no South African or any other fall under the illusion that pioneering a new festival concept in this country is easy! Witchdoctor Productions, the same who have already hosted international metal acts in South Africa such as Kataklysm, Sepultura, Behemoth, Konkhra and Ministry all as recently as within the last twelve months, have learned [&hellip

  7. Die Dood offerwaters promo 2015

    Die Dood: new album with next full moon

    Die Dood, a mysterious and shadowy project from the Southern reaches of Africa, wastes no time and has promised a follow-up release to its Sieleherder (Omringende Atmosferiese Swart Metaal Meditasie Musiek) debut album which appeared on 06 November 2014 (more on that release here). The new album, planned for release on 4 April 2015 (also [&hellip

  8. Dead Lucky 2015

    Dead Lucky release album internationally

    “It‘s louder and harder than you‘ll ever want it.” ~ Dead Lucky (press release via Plug Music) South Africa’s Rock n’ Roll heavies are releasing internationally! Dead Lucky‘s debut album will be available in Europe via Dr. Music Records from 13 March 2015. The album, Sons Of Lazarus, was produced by Brendyn Rossouw and Theo [&hellip


    M4A Editor presenting a Free Workshop in Gauteng

    When a few players in the local industry put their heads together, cool things can happen! Such is the case with our team at M4A joining forces with the likes of Emalyth and Rumours Lounge – Bar – Restaurant (Roodepoort, West of Johannesburg); and driven by the awesome community of metalheads who support the True [&hellip

  10. The Drift Hunted single

    The Drift release single and invite participation in video shoot

    The Drift, based in Guateng, raised a storm in 2013 when in one swift move released an album, some videos, and then leaped immediately onto the 2014 national tours supporting Lamb Of God and Dreamshade in South Africa. Whilst opening themselves to wide and sometimes evidently bitter criticism from some voices within the local metal [&hellip

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