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  1. brood-of-hatred-skinless-agony

    North Africa’s Brood Of Hatred Reflect On Life And Death

    Tunisian death metallers Brood Of Hatred are also well known for their firm grasp of the artful, more progressive side of music making. Their first full-length album Skinless Agony was released earlier this year, and is marketed by the bands Norwegian-based label Crime Records as: atmospheric death metal. As the months since the release have

  2. Jahan

    Zombies Ate My Girlfriend Release Second Single Coming Album

    Zombies Ate My Girlfriend and Burning Tone Records have been busy in recent weeks with the build-up to a new Zombies Ate My Girlfriend Retrocide album to be launched in early 2015. Today, a second single hit the digiverse with ‘Jahan’ doing rounds hot on the heels of ‘Hate Crimes’ which was released in September.

  3. Sacrifist

    SacriFist Marks Third Decade With New Album: Preview Release

    One of South Africa’s mightiest legends in the heavy metal genre pool have entered their third decade of existence as a band. SacriFist, established more than twenty years ago in 1993, still boasts two founding members who have survived the up’s and down’s of a very globally isolated and limiting local scene, and continue making

  4. At The Gates poster

    South African Support for 2015 At The Gates Tour Announced

    The year of 2015 is shaping up to be a raucously loud one with Witchdoctor Productions sweeping local metallers off their feet. Already announced in July, it is by now well-known that Sweden’s melodic death metal pioneers At The Gates are amoung those scheduled to tour to Johannesburg South Africa in May for a two-night

  5. Darkriders

    Cape Town Metal Bands get behind Motorcycle Tragedy Benefit

    A fundraiser has been declared in order to donate to the family of motorcyclist and metalhead Bertus “Banana”, who succumbed to his injuries following a serious collision in September. Five metal bands have stepped up to the cause, including a range from new to old. Among those newer to the scene include Imperial Destruction and

  6. Ministry_South_Africa_poster

    Terminatryx / Slashdogs to support Ministry in South Africa

    The realm of rumour exploded into buzz last week with keen observers of USA’s Ministry social media channels noticing mention of a South African date on 04 March of 2015. The fact was verified by Witchdoctor Productions the following day via their official website, announcing a joint venture between themselves and the venue where the

  7. Carnage Carnival press

    Carnage Carnival let loose with ‘The Hunt’

    Durbanites Carnage Carnival sprang to prominence within the national metal scene earlier this year when they landed themselves at the 2014 Wacken Metal Battle: South Africa finals in Gauteng. With that momentum, the KZN thrash/groove-infused quintet could not have timed it better to release their debut album still within the same year. Carnage Carnival tease

  8. With Dawn Infinity artwork

    First single from new With Dawn album out now

    Cape Town’s With Dawn have been garnering a growing momentum of respect from their local metal community for their very different approach towards the metal genre, which, at first seemed to behold a very death and thrash orientated scene rather confused. The band has spent the last three months at 7 String Studios in Durbanville

  9. Thread Of Omen

    Thread Of Omen poised for debut album release

    Thread Of Omen are one of the not-so-new-anymore of Cape Town’s reinvigorated wave of metal bands which has surfaced suddenly in the last two years or so. The band has already appeared at our M4A SummerFest’14 this year, and are now poised to release their debut album with a few tasty samples having hit social

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