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  1. Thread Of Omen

    Thread Of Omen poised for debut album release

    Thread Of Omen are one of the not-so-new-anymore of Cape Town’s reinvigorated wave of metal bands which has surfaced suddenly in the last two years or so. The band has already appeared at our M4A SummerFest’14 this year, and are now poised to release their debut album with a few tasty samples having hit social

  2. Contrast The Water Euro Tour

    Contrast The Water not done yet. European Tour announced

    Contrast The Water, Durban’s own Death Metal groove machine, has all but vanished from the local scene in recent years, which has had many a death metaller asking the question: “is it quits?” Hell no! It is well known in local circles that Contrast The Water departed from South Africa in 2011 to begin a

  3. Junkyard Lipstick Tanya

    Junkyard Lipstick prepare farewell show for current vocalist

    Junkyard Lipstick have delivered a heart-rending announcement today that their vocalist, the gregarious Ms Tanya Markowitsch, will be leaving the band after performing one final show this coming weekend. Tanya, known to most simply as ‘Tazz’, has also been a long-time professional in music – both as music teacher and as performer – outside of

  4. unearth-official-2014

    Get Ready for Unearth at Krank’d Up Next Week

    We're halfway through September and with just over a week to go until Krank'd Up, we chatted briefly with Unearth vocalist Trevor Phipps. The US-based metalcore monster known as Unearth has been around since 1998 and has five full-length albums to their name, with a sixth on its way!

  5. skinflint-nyemba

    Skinflint – Nyemba Review

    As you all know, I have a disproportionate amount of love for all things 80′s and metal. From Iron Maiden to early Metallica, to new revival bands like Steel Panther and Hardcore Superstar; early Slayer and proto-death. So unsurprisingly, I love the latest album by Botswana’s warriors of metal, Skinflint!

  6. Sepultura by David Devo Oosthuizen II

    Review: Sepultura Concert in Cape Town

    I had to attend this show. Not to write a review or take pictures; not to disprove the pro-Cavalera naysayers, nor to prove any other cause related to recent debates on social media about what is “real”, “relevant” or “better” Sepultura, and; certainly not to have convince myself that metal in the ‘Mother City’ is

  7. ZAMG Appropriate Hate Crimes

    Zombies Ate My Girlfriend release ‘Appropriate Hate Crimes’

    Zombies Ate My Girlfriend launched publicly with a barrage of metallic power at WinterFest’12 two years ago, featuring a little something of an all-star line-up with former members from a plethora of other bands. They’ve since risen to fair prominence in local metal, having also partaken in the finals for South Africa’s 2013 Wacken Metal

  8. Arx re-release ordo ab pax 2014

    Arx release re-master of debut in build-up to next album

    Pretoria thrash outfit Arx are working on their second album to be titled The Speed Of Dark and released in coming months. In the meantime, they have released a remastered version of their debut album Ordo Ab Pax today. “It is louder, heavier, and cleaner than the original release, and the best part is that

  9. Ing press

    ING declare ‘In Sickness and In Hate’

    With merely days to go before supporting Sepultura, Brazil’s chief heavy metal export, on the Cape Town date of their South African tour, ING also celebrate their 15th birthday by releasing their new album In Sickness and In Hate as a free-for-all. What started out as a death metal band with a clear thrashy influence,

  10. octainium-promo-2014

    Octainium ‘Suffer The Clock’ album available from today

    The long awaited follow-up album to Octainium‘s 2011 (reviewed here) The Prophesy album has arrived! The brand new 2014 (reviewed here) Suffer The Clock is available for sale across most major digital distribution platforms as from today. The mood at Octainium base camp is one of scintillating anticipation today as sales begin to pour in.

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