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  1. eluveitie88888

    Agro and Strident to support Eluveitie on SA tour

    Eluveitie are about as popular a folk metal band as can be got, and somehow manage to merge an incredibly brutal, modern metal edge with the sounds and atmosphere of antiquity. Using old Euro-ethic instrumentation and vocals to counter-balance against contemporary metal guitar and drums, the Swiss band are said by some to be the [&hellip

  2. Hectate The Order Of Black Light

    Hectate: The Order of The Black Light – Review

    Egypt’s metal scene seems to be most well known abroad for its death and black metal bands. Hecate is a more recent arrival on the scene. Lord Mist, the originator of the band, however, is no stranger to the scene having been involved with his solo depressive black metal project Frostagrath. Hectate‘s The Order of [&hellip

  3. Strident Oblivion

    Strident offer fans an early Gift with new single: Oblivion

    Strident, Cape Town guardians of power metal, and generous as they are, have made their newly-recorded track ‘Oblivion’ available for free download via their Soundcloud page. Recorded in late November at Jo Ellis’ Blue Room studios in Ladismith, the track is an early Christmas present from the band to their fans. It is the penultimate [&hellip

  4. Scarab Serpents Of The Nile death metal egypt

    Scarab pre-orders for 2015 ‘Serpents Of The Nile’ now open

    Cairo-based Egyptian death metal band Scarab have returned with another album following their 2009 debut full-length: Blinding The Masses. The new album, titled Serpents Of The Nile, will be released as a limited edition digipak cd in March 2015 and features majestic artwork and sixteen-page booklet. Pre-orders for both the digital album and the physical [&hellip

  5. The Fallen Prophets 2014

    The Fallen Prophets point out that we are Obligated To Die

    The bowels of Cape Town’s metal scene are festering with an enraged bacterium, seeking to devour its way upwards into the intestinal tract and rupture out into the bodily organs. Death metal breathes again in this city: not melodic death, or tech death, or deathcore. Just. Death. Following the release earlier this year of The [&hellip

  6. Infanteria band pic

    Chris Hall of Infanteria reveals 2015 album release

    Things in the Infanteria camp appear to have quietened down somewhat since 2014’s monumental RAMfest Cape Town appearance, opening for Trivum and Killswitch Engage; quiet on the surface, at least. So metal4africa‘s Darkfiend pinned down frontman Chris Hall with a beer to briefly reflect on the bands history, and particularly the post-Isolated Existence Infanteria, but [&hellip

  7. Gorofest poster Maximum Carnage Bile Of Man

    Bile Of Man, Maximum Carnage headed to Mozambique: Gorofest

    Pretoria based metal bands Bile Of Man and Maximum Carnage are headed to Mozambique this weekend to appear at Gorofest in what promises to be a night of intense aural brutality! Maximum Carnage appeared in the city of Maputo earlier this year already, having performed at the first Gorofest event to host South African metal [&hellip

  8. adorned-in-ash-promo-2014

    Adorned In Ash release preview of upcoming Music Video

    Pretoria based Adorned In Ash, known for their dynamic style of extreme metal and respected for their steadfast view on spirituality, have enjoyed a momentous 2014 and appear set to keep the pace into 2015. The band began the year with the release of their The Dead Walk Among Us debut full length album and [&hellip

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