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  1. Draconian press 2015 Heike Langhans

    Draconian release Stellar Tombs single from forthcoming SOVRAN album

    Swedish melodic doom metal lords Draconian have released the first single from their long awaited sixth studio album, titled SOVRAN, and the first to feature South African vocalist Heike Langhans after the departure of a much loved Lisa Johansson in 2011. The metallically mesmerizing single ‘Stellar Tombs’ offers fans a magnificent peephole into the soon-to-be-released [&hellip

  2. The Massacre, To The Stage, Iron Tusk

    To The Stage invites Gauting to join The Massacre

    To The Stage, sister organization to The Metalist, has been based primarily in Cape Town until now. As with The Metalist web platform – featuring mainly reviews on albums, photographic coverage of shows, and interviews with bands – which has expanded it’s footprint to include home city Cape Town and also Gauteng and other parts [&hellip

  3. 18 Till I Die header banner

    SA scene puts better foot forward this weekend

    All too often in this age of social media, we hear more about the gossip and uglier undercurrents of local scenes all around the world – by “scene”, referring to a broad-based social circle whereby many people are thrust together in apparent friendship out of the sharing of a common passion; rather than organic friendships [&hellip

  4. Moment Of Clarity live 2015

    Moment Of Clarity preparing for Transcendence

    In the first news we’ve heard from Cape Town based melodic metal band Moment Of Clarity since releasing their ‘Awakened’ single in 2014 (see article here), the band have hit hard with the announcement that their first full length album is due for release early in 2016. The new work, to be titled Transcendence, will [&hellip

  5. Wargrave Suffering The Void

    Wargrave album art revealed, launch nearing

    Cape Town thrash metal band Wargrave announced recently, somewhat out of the blue, that their debut album will be released in November (see previous article). To put some further weight behind their promise, the album artwork for Suffering The Void has been unveiled today. The artwork for Suffering The Void was created by Jason Modryc [&hellip

  6. Krank'd Up Festival 2015

    Krank’d Up is here! 36 Crazyfists and Monuments

    South Africa’s alternative and underground, it seems, has entered into an unprecedented era of being able to enjoy high quality international live entertainment in recent years. Not least of whom which are spearheading this drive to satisfy local punters are Gauteng-based Turning Tricks Entertainment who have been hosting, among other national tour events, their annual [&hellip

  7. Last Year's Tragedy 2015 press

    Last Year’s Tragedy bury fallen dreams with new release

    The Kenyan metal scene seems to be based primarily around the capital city of Nairobi, and one band whose name keeps surfacing is Last Year’s Tragedy. The band has been progressing in leaps and bounds from very sparse foundations in the ‘rock’ or heavier genres of music in the country since their formation in 2005, [&hellip

  8. Red Helen 2015 by Lindy Leeming

    Red Helen to Cape Town: first time in two years

    Red Helen, best known as Wacken Metal Battle: South Africa 2014 finalists who went to represent the nation at the international finals in Germany, are headed to Cape Town for a few shows for the first time in two years. Based in Johannesburg, this metalcore band with a progressive twist have established themselves firmly since [&hellip

  9. Iron Maiden Book Of Souls tour

    Iron Maiden in South Africa: details revealed

    British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden will be appearing live in South African in May 2016, nearly twenty-one years after their first appearance in the country in October of 1995. The approaching South African visit includes two shows, spanning Cape Town (18 May 2016) and Johannesburg (21 May 2016). Tickets for the South African tour [&hellip

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