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  1. Dreams Of Nightmares

    Dreams Of Nightmares declare ‘The Fallen’

    Bloemfontein, which is the heart of the South African inland where major road and railway routes connect to all parts of the country, seems ironically far from the beaten path for local metal genres. This is not to say that the city is completely devoid, however, with names like All Will Fall having stayed the [&hellip

  2. Infanteria We All have Dreams

    New Infanteria single days prior to album launch

    With days to go before Cape Town’s Infanteria release their second full-length album Where Serpents Conquer, the thrash band have released a second single to whet heavy metal appetites. “‘We All have Dreams’ is the most melodic song on the album. I felt it needed to be heard as a single because melody is something [&hellip

  3. Fuera A Gift Of Desolation

    Fuera: a new force in Cape Town metal arrives

    In recent weeks, Cape Town has been struck by a captivating new force on the local scene. The band Fuera, which is a Spanish word referring to ‘on the outside’, play a dramatic style of death metal with strong progressive undertones. Seemingly from out of nowhere, the mysterious quartet have lunged into the live circuit, [&hellip

  4. 18 Till I Die flyer

    Metal for all-ages returns to Cape Town

    On April 11th of this year, the fresh live events promotion brand The Unscene kicked of their first in a series of all-age metal/alternative shows in Cape Town. Labeled 18 Till I Die, the series marks an important step in the sub-culture movement, since all avenues to young markets in this city have remained more [&hellip

  5. WF15_M4A_website_header

    M4A WinterFest’15 bands announced

    Cape Town’s biggest gathering of metal celebrates nine years in the making WinterFest’15 approaches! On 08 August, metalheads will again unite from across sub-genres, suburbs, and nearby towns to raise horns in honour of local heavy metal music and culture. There is a significant change taking place, however. Like a hammer to the face, recent [&hellip

  6. South African Metal Music Award

    SAMMA 2015 handouts announced: review

    In 2013, the South African heavy metal public were roused into a new initiative called the South African Metal Music Awards (SAMMA), which was aimed to play out in 2014. Directed by a small group consisting of mainly active musicians and offering limited public resources describing the processes behind the awards, the initiative struggled to [&hellip

  7. Infanteria Throes Of Fear

    Infanteria release ‘Throes Of Fear’ single

    Infanteria have long been flying the flag for thrash metal in Cape Town, even when death metal, deathcore and metalcore were the order of the day a few years ago. In two weeks, the thrashy foursome will be launching a much anticipated follow-up to their 2013 Isolated Existence debut, with Where Serpents Conquer (previous article [&hellip

  8. winterfest-12-crowd

    Klein Libertas Theatre fire: WinterFest’15 jeopardized

    As of the earliest hours on Saturday 13 June, metal4africa has been added to the expanding list of metal festivals to have found themselves destitute at some point during 2015. M4A home of almost nine years, and safe haven to the bi-annual fixture of SummerFest and WinterFest, has burned down. “It looks like an electrical [&hellip

  9. Rukuz press picture

    Rukuz indulging in ‘Hobo Groove Metal’

    When you think you’ve “heard it all before”, then surely you have already discovered ‘hobo groove metal’? We thought that this labeling warranted closer examination. A name which has been crawling the Cape Town underground since 2012 is Rukuz. Led by the union of two charasmatic individuals known in the local scene, Matthey ‘Oldog’ Olivier [&hellip

  10. Wargrave press picture by Cathryn Golby of Downtuned

    Wargrave talk about ‘Torture Beyond Recognition’

    Cape Town has been producing a few bands inclined toward more thrash orientated styles of metal in recent years. Not least of whom is Wargrave, which was previously fronted by none other than Chris Hall of co-thrashers Infanteria. However, as pressures mounted on his side, Chris had to withdraw to tend his own kingdom, making [&hellip

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