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  1. octainium-promo-2014

    Octainium ‘Suffer The Clock’ album available from today

    The long awaited follow-up album to Octainium‘s 2011 (reviewed here) The Prophesy album has arrived! The brand new 2014 (reviewed here) Suffer The Clock is available for sale across most major digital distribution platforms as from today. The mood at Octainium base camp is one of scintillating anticipation today as sales begin to pour in.

  2. TC Shadow

    Terminatryx ‘Shadow’ video selected for Montreal Comiccon’s Horrorfest

    Since release in March this year of the bands second studio album Shadow, Terminatryx has been receiving overwhelmingly positive review from critics both locally and abroad. To date, one music video for the new album has been released, featuring the title track ‘Shadow’. In keeping with the bands overriding theme of the supernatural, it was

  3. Bruce Sonnekus live

    Cape Town Clinic: Evolution Of A Proficient Musician

    For any who attended our M4A SummerFest’10, or supported the METAL4AFRICA Stage at RAMfest 2010/2011, you might recall Bruce Sonnekus and his band Symphonic Schizophrenia. This progressive instrumental metal act wow-ed audiences particularly with Bruce’s flashy guitar style as the musical center-piece. Although the band has since disappeared from the live circuit, Bruce is as

  4. WItchfest 2015 poster

    Kataklysm return to South Africa, with Aborted, Epica in tow

    Word has been buzzing via social media and on the streets for a few months now of the coming Witchfest metal festival in Pretoria next April. Already, a steady list of some of South Africa’s most legendary band names has been growing on the event page, directly beneath where internationals Septic Flesh, Alestorm, Belphegor and

  5. protest-the-hero-promo-2014

    Protest the Hero Warm’d Up For Krank’d Up

    South African metalheads are being spoiled for choice this year with a wide array of international bands having already played the local circuit and many more just around the corner. Krank'd Up Festival is just over a month away and will feature Unearth (USA) and Protest the Hero (CAN) sharing the stage for one night only at Sundowners in Gauteng

  6. Ill System International Assasins

    Ill System to perform reunion show in Cape Town

    Ironically, one of South Africa’s more iconic metal bands in terms of musical identity, Ill System were acclaimed more widely abroad than here at home. Despite that fact, the band still trod down a deeper path through the local circuit than many others under the circumstances of the time-period; where the embattled local live music

  7. Atlantic South press 0

    Metalcore released from ‘Rip-Tide’ with new Atlantic South single

    The Cape Town metalcore scene has appeared a little lax in recent years with many of those bands propagating the sub-genre in the last half-decade having called it a day. With the exception of a few hold-fasts such as Forgive Us Not, it would appear as though the scene has been focused almost exclusively into

  8. riddare-av-koden-2014

    Riddare Av Koden to Work With Andy Sneap, Warner Bros Records

    These warriors from the North have been quiet of late, but it seems that Odin has smiled upon the local metal scene lately and Ridarre Av Koden are no exception. Vocalist and axe-man Heimdall Av Koden shared some very exciting insights into what they have in store and how they're preparing for battle

  9. Bulletscript knotted

    Bulletscript pay debt of promise with ‘We Owe You’

    Signs that Cape Town’s Bulletscript are about to make good on their promise to deliver an EP this year turned very real yesterday with the release of their first singe. Titled ‘We Owe You’, the single reflects the bands musical direction as being decidedly old-school in character; something that anybody who has attended one of

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