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  1. Zero Stroke As The Colours Seep

    Zero Stroke leak EP prior to live launch

    Zero Stroke from Cape Town are set to join massing legions of South African progsters who are forming up a frontline in the local live scene. Akin – in spirit if not in sound – to the likes of Poverty Of Ideals, Ohgod!, With Dawn, Raptorbaby, Paving the Labyrinth or The Hunt For Higher Ground [&hellip

  2. Zombies Ate My Girlfriend Retrocide album art

    Zombies Ate My Girlfriend offer preview of Forthcoming Album

    Zombies Ate My Girlfriend will be appearing at metal4africa’s SummerFest’15 on 31 January, just a few weeks before their official Retrocide album launch on 28 February at ROAR near Cape Town. To mark the occasion, the band and their label Burning Tone Records have decided to preview the album artwork and track listing to whet [&hellip

  3. Carthagods album art

    Carthagods nearing completion of album: preview video

    Countries along the North African Mediterranean have long enjoyed a rich tradition of heavy metal, as have their Southern counterparts in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and other neighbouring states on the further end of the continent. However, the Northern African metal scene can proudly boast a slightly larger international footprint with their closer proximity to [&hellip

  4. Press photo of Anarchy metal band from Egypt

    Anarchy kicks off 2015 with new track for free download

    Anarchy, our friends from the Northern reaches of this vast African continent, have recorded and released a new track for fans to mark the new year. The Egyptian band, based in Cairo, visited South Africa in 2013 and toured through our three major cities as well as a few of the smaller coastal cities along [&hellip

  5. SF15 facebook banner

    M4A SummerFest’15 bands announced

    Cape Town’s biggest celebration of all-local metal blasts into its ninth year …bringing you the newest, the most legendary, and everything in between. The 17th bi-annual event hosted by metal4africa is scheduled for its usual final week of Janaury, falling this year on Saturday 31st. It will take place at it’s usual Stellenbosch stronghold of [&hellip

  6. Atlantic South press 0

    Atlantic South release second studio track: Terrorformer

    Atlantic South are a metalcore/post-hardcore band from Cape Town and have been beating a track in the local scene for themselves since first emerging in October 2013, previously mentioned at metal4africa here with the release of their first track ‘Rip-Tide’. The band released a second track today, ‘Terrorformer’, which was recorded this time at 7 [&hellip

  7. eluveitie88888

    Agro and Strident to support Eluveitie on SA tour

    Eluveitie are about as popular a folk metal band as can be got, and somehow manage to merge an incredibly brutal, modern metal edge with the sounds and atmosphere of antiquity. Using old Euro-ethic instrumentation and vocals to counter-balance against contemporary metal guitar and drums, the Swiss band are said by some to be the [&hellip

  8. Hectate The Order Of Black Light

    Hectate: The Order of The Black Light – Review

    Egypt’s metal scene seems to be most well known abroad for its death and black metal bands. Hecate is a more recent arrival on the scene. Lord Mist, the originator of the band, however, is no stranger to the scene having been involved with his solo depressive black metal project Frostagrath. Hectate‘s The Order of [&hellip

  9. Strident Oblivion

    Strident offer fans an early Gift with new single: Oblivion

    Strident, Cape Town guardians of power metal, and generous as they are, have made their newly-recorded track ‘Oblivion’ available for free download via their Soundcloud page. Recorded in late November at Jo Ellis’ Blue Room studios in Ladismith, the track is an early Christmas present from the band to their fans. It is the penultimate [&hellip

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