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  1. Witchfest 2015 The Warinsane

    Witchfest 2015: Capturing the hearts of metalheads worldwide

    Through the course of extreme metal history, South Africa has very much hovered just along the fringes in terms of securing it’s own presence in the international spotlight; a bit like that short guy hopping up and down at the back of a crowd trying to get a glimpse of the stage where giants file [&hellip

  2. Rest For The Wicked 2015 logo

    Rest For The Wicked show their metal with a music sampler

    Rest For The Wicked are still a relatively new name on the local scene, springing out from Pretoria in the province of Gauteng. Established in 2012, this group of aspiring metallers have yet to release a completed work in the form of an album or EP, although they have now released a very compelling sample [&hellip

  3. Dividing The Element press 2015

    African Metal: Zimbabwe adds a voice to the rising crescendo

    What does it mean if it is called ‘African Metal’? To most, this means only that a band originates from within the geography of continental Africa, and has nothing to do with the sound, characteristic, or the musical instruments itself as being in any way African. In fact, it has been argued that although Africa [&hellip

  4. Voyage To Spectral Realm album art

    Spectral Realm: first full track from debut album

    Gauteng’s symphonica-infused black metal band Spectral Realm have released the first full-length sample of a track from their forthcoming debut album. The album Voyage To Spectral Realm has had it’s release, originally planned for late last year, delayed on account of technicalities with the recording process. “Unfortunately, we suffered a major setback owing to the [&hellip

  5. Beeldenstorm press 2015

    Beeldenstorm launch ‘Die Donker Wetenskap’ this weekend

    We recently featured Beeldenstorm for their exclusive use of the Afrikaans language in their forthcoming album, Die Donker Wetenskap, with a full article dedicated to the subject (read it here). The moment of truth has now arrived, and the album will be released for sale at a launch show taking place at Buckley’s this Saturday, [&hellip

  6. Maximum Carnage press 2015

    Maximum Carnage live in Cape Town, March 2015

    Maximum Carnage, whose roots can be traced to a backyard shed in Witbank, began to take more serious shape in the Gauteng city of Pretoria by around 2009. Today the band is recognized as a groove-laden death metal powerhouse, with enough headbanging prowess to have landed them into the 2014 Wacken Metal Battle South Africa [&hellip

  7. The Drift press pic 2014

    The Drift: Album Coming – Artwork Revealed

    Johannesburg’s The Drift, who burst not only abruptly into the live metal circuit in 2013 but also delivered their debut album Dreams Of Deluge within short months of announcing their existence, have already returned with their second full-length titled The Mountain Star. With the official album launch anticipated for May 2015, the band has revealed [&hellip

  8. Ill System at Mercury Live 2015

    A Blast from the Past to shatter Mercury Live

    A concert of some historic significance is taking place at the Mercury Live in Cape Town this Friday, 20 March. Three bands from the early 2000’s era of the Cape Town metal and hard rock scenes are reuniting for a concert, the likes of which has not been seen in over a decade in terms [&hellip

  9. Die Dood Offerwaters 2015

    Die Dood: Album art and track listing for coming release

    At M4A, we’re always interested in all things metal and including that which skirts along its undefined edges. In some cases, the depth of expression sought by the artists requires of them to strip away the more obvious layers of distorted guitars, double-bass drums and raspy vocals, leaving behind something which many would no longer [&hellip

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