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  1. Maximum Carnage press 2015

    Maximum Carnage firing up for new album

    Death metal has always been a genre in stronger supply from the South African city of Pretoria, with bands like the legendary Architecture Of Aggression (1995-2011) having come from there, which makes it worth keeping an eye on. Another band from the area, which is probably one of South Africa’s more underrated acts in our [&hellip

  2. Wrath: Tribute Concert

    Local artists collaborate for Lamb Of God tribute

    With South African metal seemingly in full swing where shows are cramming multiple venues in major cities every weekend, some musicians are moving into another sphere to bring more variety to the mix of live metal entertainment: tribute bands! This is not a new phenomenon to South Africa by any stretch of the imagination. In [&hellip

  3. Boargazm live at Witchfest 2015

    Boargazm: final SA shows for 2015 before Russia

    Planet Earth’s ‘pig whisperers’ and humanity’s last hope, Boargazm, will soon be leaving their country of South Africa for another trip abroad. But first, they are completing a final round of the home-based national circuit for 2015. Boargazm hit the road from Wolmer, near Pretoria, to Cape Town this weekend for a two-part showdown. “These [&hellip

  4. Insidious Reign 2015

    The Divine Plague yields to Insidious Reign

    In South Africa’s Gauteng province, 2012, a new death metal union emerged when Nikola Bruni (formerly of Deane Crescent) and Nicholas Sothman (formerly of Bile Of Man) joined forces to create Divine Plague. The vision became manifest in full by 2013 when the band gathered a performing line-up, including Wesley Van Diggelen (formerly of Where [&hellip

  5. Imperial Destruction - Like Wolves That Bear Their Teeth

    Imperial Destruction Bare Their Teeth

    Helderberg based melodic death metal band Imperial Destruction have begun the build-up towards their first album release. The band has shown great signs of pro-activity on the live circuit since hitting the scene in 2013, including a trip to Johannesburg to appear as a guest performer at the South African Metal Music Awards in 2014, [&hellip

  6. Warriors Pub Metal Circuit

    Bloemfontein Warriors of Metal to see action

    Bloemfontein, the capital city of the South African heartland known otherwise as The Orange Free State, has seen it’s own ebb and flow in heavy metal activity over the years. However, locals in recent times have voiced some despondency over availability of venues willing to host entertainment of the heavier ilk as being scant. One [&hellip

  7. Megalodon Gravaton

    Megalodon release their single: Gravaton

    In South Africa, brutal doesn’t sleep! Today, Cape Town’s ironically futuristic 8-string wielding “shark from the past” have released their first single since ‘Sky Burial’ in April 2014 with the brand new song: ‘Gravaton’. This arrival heralds the first tangible sign of djent-groove “terror” metal band Megalodon‘s forthcoming album, first announced in this article a [&hellip

  8. Infanteria press picture 2015

    Infanteria chronicles: Where Serpents did Conquer

    On Saturday 08 August, Infanteria will be bring the thrash and co-headlining our WinterFest’15 festival of metal alongside fellow Cape Town greats, Mind Assault. Having established themselves as a band in 2006, Infanteria were slow off the starting block with their debut release Isolated Existence, also being their first full-length, only appearing after six years [&hellip

  9. DevilSpeak live, Keets Design & Photography

    DevilSpeak on WinterFest’15 and other milestones

    Thrash-infused death metallers DevilSpeak have risen quickly to the attention of Cape Town’s metal scene, seemingly from out of nowhere. Having only become formally established in August 2014, the band emerged suddenly when they first hit the city’s stages in March. “We had a really good response for our first gig which got us motivated [&hellip

  10. Finis Omnium Ignorantiam Vulvodynia

    Vulvodynia ‘Finis Omnium Ignorantiam’ out today

    South African brutal death metal with a dash of slam! Or a ‘dash your fukken skull into a pit of vomit’? We cannot tell you precisely from which city the band hails, since it’s members manage to defy geography; but it seems that the writing nucleus is spread out over a whopping 900km between the [&hellip

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