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  1. Finis Omnium Ignorantiam Vulvodynia

    Vulvodynia ‘Finis Omnium Ignorantiam’ out today

    South African brutal death metal with a dash of slam! Or a ‘dash your fukken skull into a pit of vomit’? We cannot tell you precisely from which city the band hails, since it’s members manage to defy geography; but it seems that the writing nucleus is spread out over a whopping 900km between the [&hellip

  2. MAX campaign

    Metalheads to stand Against Xenophobia

    Otherwise dubbed The M.A.X Campaign, Metalheads Against Xenophobia is a movement which has been taken up by metalheads in not only multiple South African cities, but even metalheads in other African countries have rallied to the call. Xenophobia by definition is regarded as an irrational fear of something which is foreign or outlandish, and sometimes [&hellip

  3. Jo Marie Smit Junkyard Lipstick 2015

    Junkyard Lipstick: Get to know the real Jo

    Our regular readers may have noticed that this website has gradually steered more and more away from Q-&-A-styled interviews over the years. We’ve generally found the sort to be somewhat dull with really little to say that is new or interesting, and so have kept to regular news items, hunting our musicians rather for short [&hellip

  4. Mezzanine Floor press photo

    Myth busting with Mezzanine Floor

    Port Elizabeth, a relatively isolated city on the South African south-east coast, seldom wins the attention it deserves for what contribution it’s community offers to local metal and alternative music. Of course, the first myth we will be busting is the fact that: yes, Port Elizabeth actually does have a small but bustling underground scene [&hellip

  5. Lordi

    Local Film Festival features heavy metal interests

    Sound On Screen film festival was established in 2009 at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town by Flamedrop Productions, also the creators of the South African Horrorfest film festival (since 2005). In fact, Sound On Screen emerges from a family tree of themed festivals all branching out from the original Horrorfest, including the X-Fest (documentaries [&hellip

  6. Mind Assault - Prys Die Vaderland

    Mind Assault announce new album with fresh demo

    For all of their live activity, Cape Town metal legends Mind Assault have surprisingly little recorded material to show after almost twelve years of active duty. Releases to date include their 2005 Social Engineering EP, the 2008 Stigma full length album, and a 2011 Metal Rites EP. Apart from those, only a handful of demos [&hellip

  7. WF15_M4A_website_header

    WinterFest’15: free sampler album available now

    WinterFest’15 is brought to you by www.metal4africa.com in conjunction with the True Believers membership club, Fiendarts, Golden Circle Production, Burning Tone Records, Mapex Drums and Laney Amplification. Doors open at The Assembly in Harrington Street, Cape Town from 17h00 with live music from 18h00 until 01h00, featuring Mind Assault, Infanteria, Mezzanine Floor, Nebula Disrupt, Beeldenstorm, [&hellip

  8. Red Helen 2015 by Lindy Leeming

    Red Helen release preview of coming album

    Red Helen, Gauteng-based metalcore band with a progressive twist and South African representatives at the international Wacken Metal Battle of 2014, have released a taste of what will be coming on their not-too-distant debut album Trading Past For Pathways. The track ‘Suicide Notes And Bloodshot Eyes’ has been released with an accompanying lyric video and [&hellip

  9. Draconian 2015 feat Heike Langhans

    Sovran: New Draconian album in October

    Why on earth, some of our regular readers from around Africa might be wondering, are we breaking protocol and posting an article about a non-African band? Draconian, based in Sweden, remain one of the worlds leading gothic / doom metal bands with a history of four studio albums to their name, and a slew of [&hellip

  10. Thread Of Omen

    Thread Of Omen preparing for new album

    Since the release of their debut album Palace Of The Fathers (2015) in February (see article here), Cape Town’s Thread Of Omen have remained focused on further development of the band’s sound and preparing immediately for a follow-up album. Palace Of The Fathers, which offers listeners ten thunderous tracks, was recorded, mixed and mastered by [&hellip

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