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  1. Monolith 2016 Memory Palace

    Monolith: Memory Palace EP out now

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa: darkly progressive death metal band Monolith have released their second EP with Memory Palace today, which follows thirteen months after their 2015 Legacy of The Opium Eater debut offering. As with before, Monolith pay careful attention to maintaining a conceptual theme in the delivery of their collections. “Memory Palace also follows [&hellip

  2. Peasant 2016 No Love EP

    Peasant: ‘No Love’ EP released today

    Cape Town, South Africa: prominent local hardcore band Peasant celebrate the release of their five track No Love EP today, following closely on the heels of last week’s single ‘Heed The Will’ which included a video. Mentioned before was that the band has actually recorded ten songs, but decided to release them as two EPs [&hellip

  3. FaceMelt Fest 2016

    To The Stage: preparing to Melt Faces!

    South Africa: in a collaboration between bands, venues, and role players from four different cities, South Africa will soon experience it’s first ever FaceMelt Fest – a synchronized day festival event which celebrates the birthday of local music media moguls The Metalist za. Show date is set for 03 December in the coastal cities of [&hellip

  4. Crescent 2015 Pyramid Slaves press

    Crescent: Pyramid Slaves video released

    Cairo, Egypt: mystically-themed blackened death metal band Crescent are closing the chapter on their 2014 debut full-length album Pyramid Slaves, with the release of the long awaited music video for their title track ‘Pyramid Slaves’. We went in search of some answers from one of Egypt’s longest standing extreme metal acts, formed in 1999, to [&hellip

  5. Bulletscript 2016 primordial

    Bulletscript: new single soon, album next

    Cape Town, South Africa: local metal band Bulletscript are poised to release the first single off of their forthcoming debut full length album. The song, ‘Primordial’, will become available on 25 October and has already set tongues wagging about the South African Wacken Metal Battle finalist and metal powerhouse band, and the long-awaited arrival of [&hellip

  6. Junkyard Lipstick 2016 parting ways

    Junkyard Lipstick: disbanding announcement

    Cape Town, South Africa: not everyday brings good news, as it is today with Junkyard lipstick announcing their disbandment. Shaped from humble beginnings where four angry women first hit the stage in 2011, the “femme fatale” of Cape Town metal have constantly reinvented themselves whilst still maintaining their core identity. Surviving changes in members seems [&hellip

  7. Krank'd Up 2016, image courtesyof Draconem Media

    Review: Krank’d Up 2016 attended by Zain Domo

    By 19h00 there wasn’t much more to say. Sundowners’ baptism of fire was well and truly underway as the scorching African sun had surrendered to a scintillating atmosphere of fist-pumping, body-wrangling, and shadow-dancing figures lighting up the Alberton night sky; with Bryan Binneman’s vocals vividly encapsulating the mood. “…on top of the world, not giving [&hellip

  8. Surdus 2016 Tarnished By Decay album cover

    Surdus: Tarnished By Decay album out now

    Johannesburg, South Africa: it has arrived! As promised by symphonic groove metal band Surdus in a recent press release, their debut full length album Tarnished By Decay has gone live for online purchase this week. Additionally, fans can buy a hardcopy of the album as from this weekend already, if attending Ragnarök at Rumours Lounge [&hellip

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