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  1. Die Dood 2016 Die See In

    Another offering from the mysterious Die Dood

    Cape Town, South Africa: the enigmatic atmospheric black metal-inspired project Die Dood has returned with another release this week. Die See In, which in Afrikaans alludes to being “Into The Sea”, features two new songs. This time, however, there is a notable departure from what has become to be thought of as a tradition which [&hellip

  2. Zombies Ate My Girlfriend on stage at Wacken 2016

    Life Of Zom: Tour The Disaster documentary

    Cape Town, South Africa: local band and international winners of this year’s Wacken Metal Battle, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, deliver a series of short documentary-style videos for fans called Life Of Zom. Typically we do not share these as relevant news content. However, the latest offering released today includes a first-hand account of their climbing [&hellip

  3. Go Ape 2016 charity concert

    Gauteng Metalheads prepare to ‘Go Ape’

    Pretoria, South Africa: we might appear harsh and prickly on the outside, but even the metalheads in society have hearts that can be touched. And so the stage is set at the popular headbangers haunt otherwise known as Wolmer Bush Lounge, and this time it is to rally Metallers behind a charitable cause. Go Ape [&hellip

  4. Personal press picture by Seth Photography

    Persona: Somebody Else video out now

    Tunis, Tunisia: local metal-infused rock outfit Persona have released the second music video from their 2016 debut album Elusive Reflection today, this time featuring the track ‘Somebody Else’. The previous video appeared in 2015 as a conceptual precursor to the album, featuring the track ‘Blinded’. Visually, and stylistically, this video for ‘Somebody Else’ has taken [&hellip

  5. Junkyard Lipstic 2016 Repulsive Judgement

    Junkyard Lipstick: offer final album sneak peak

    Cape Town, South Africa: local purveyors of the heavy metal ‘femme fatale’, Junkyard Lipstick have unveiled the first single ‘Forsaken Liberty’ off of Repulsive Judgement, their second full length album which launches this coming Friday. Although three tracks on the coming album have already been previously revealed with ‘House Of The Holy‘, ‘Damned In The [&hellip

  6. Zombies Ate My Girlfriend 2016 Wacken Metal Battle

    Zombies Ate My Girlfriend: spread the siff

    Cape Town, South Africa: with Zombies Ate My Girlfriend having recently snatched away top honours from nearly 30 other countries’ bands at the international Wacken Metal Battle 2016, and only days to go before they depart for Johannesburg to play at Krank’d Up music festival (featuring USA-double-whammy with Periphery and Norma Jean), they seem an [&hellip

  7. Surdus 2016 Tarnished By Decay album cover

    Surdus: debut album art and single revealed

    Johannesburg, South Africa: describing themselves as “symphonic groove metal”, Joburg’s Surdus have startled us with an edgy and dark sounding single to accompany an equally as sinister appearing artwork for their upcoming Tarnished By Decay album. The single, ‘Tulpa Effect’, features guest vocals by Mike Barker from Envious Despair, and captures the essence of what [&hellip

  8. Dreams Of Nightmares 2016 Remnants

    Dreams of Nightmares: first video released

    Bloemfontein, South Africa: local metal band Dreams Of Nightmares have released a music video featuring the track ‘remnants’, which is also the first to appear from the band’s forthcoming album expected for release in 2017. “We did our recording at Practical Audio Solutions in Bloemfontein. We really do feel its a step up from our [&hellip

  9. Norma Jean 2016 press

    Norma Jean: New album and South African visit imminent

    Douglasville, USA: Like the shimmering fin of a Great White, leisurely ascending from the depths to a crescendo of shrieks, gasps, and bystanders whipping out smart-phones to capture the frantic scenes, Turning Tricks Entertainment casually unveiled their Krank’d Up 2016 twin international headline acts a few months back; leaving every Periphery and Norma Jean fan [&hellip

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