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  1. Metal Horns Salute

    www.metal4africa.com presents ‘Guardian Of South African Metal Award’

    On Saturday 21 November, 2015, www.metal4africa.com issued two first-of-their-kind awards to members of the local metal community in Cape Town. One Guardian Of South African Metal Award was received by Zain Domo of The Unscene on behalf of the late Riaan Van Eck, and another awarded to Antonio Manuel, owner of Gandalf’s and ROAR live [&hellip

  2. Imperial Destruction Troll

    Imperial Destruction release ‘Lady Dark Page’

    Cape Town’s ever-rising death metal powerhouse Imperial Destruction have released their third and final single for the forthcoming Ruinous debut album, landing early in 2016, with the song ‘Lady Dark Page’. Today’s release features a lyric video, which also represents a collaborative effort between vocalist Jason Modryc’s Writhe Creations and Mexican based label Fuck Promotions [&hellip

  3. SubverS 2015 album release

    SUBVERS share their Bloodstained Eulogies

    Cape Town gothic-inspired SUBVERS are back after disappearing from the live scene for a long stretch. This time, they come with a full album in their arsenal! For today, SUBVERS have offered ‘Revelation’ as a taster of what to expect from their Bloodstained Eulogies debut album which will be launched at Mercury Live on Saturday [&hellip

  4. Symphonaire Infernus III

    2015: Is South African Metal Doomed?

    Is South African Metal Doomed? Well, according to a pair of activists behind the newly-launched organization labelled The League Of Doom, Justin Bedford and Malcolm Burger (also from South African band Ashes At My Grave) insist that it is simply not Doomed enough! Recently, we invited the two to an interview after catching wind of [&hellip

  5. Bleeding Spawn - Pathogenic Mechanized Abomination cover art

    Bleeding Spawn single ‘Divide and Conquer’ released

    This little gem of horror-inspired-metal slipped past us last week, released on Friday the 13th by Middleburg brutal death metal band Bleeding Spawn. So, if you enjoy your metal the way you do your coffee – bitter, brutally strong, and a festering three days old – then celebrate now with a guttural holler, because here [&hellip

  6. Wargrave Suffering The Void

    Wargrave: Suffering The Void (2015-11-14) review

    I have a lot of genuine praise for Suffering The Void! The instrumentalist tenacity of Wargrave has never been as eloquently displayed live, with dodgy venue sound and drunken haze typically thwarting a good listening experience, but with this album now etching itself into my mind I’ll be paying far closer attention at my next [&hellip

  7. Terminatryx Lucky 13: Anthology I

    Terminatryx Lucky 13: Anthology I launches worldwide

    Cape Town’s industrial dark rock/metal quartet of Terminatryx celebrates the worldwide release today of their Lucky 13: Anthology I on this suitably spooky Friday the 13th, November 2015. The 13 track digital collection celebrates the band’s 13th anniversary and includes tracks from across all albums including the self-titled Terminatryx debut of 2008, Remyx v1.0 from [&hellip

  8. ROAR banner

    Is Cape Town ready for a Brutal Band Braai?

    In 2014, Antonio Manual, who we declared as one of the “Guardians” who stands over Cape Town metal (find out why at our previous article), hosted his first Brutal Band Braai. Antonio is the owner of long-time live music venue ROAR and it’s even older counterpart Gandalf’s, as well as cool hang-out-spot Trenchtown just a [&hellip

  9. The Dark Unveiling 2015

    Joburg to experience a Dark Unveiling

    Emerging from a shroud of black… This Saturday, November 14, marks The Dark Unveiling – quite literally an ‘unveiling’ of months of effort in putting together the beginning of a new chapter in the story of Johannesburg’s underground scene, and the re-emergence of Heavy Metal’s distant cousin Goth. House Of Goth seem to be the [&hellip

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