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  1. WFFheader

    Witchfest Open Air finalizes international line-up for 2015

    Legendary death metal titans Cannibal Corpse and technical death metal stalwarts Decapitated have been added to the biggest international metal line-up seen in Africa. Witchfest Open Air festival, which aims to cater exclusively for metal and hard rock genres, is gearing up for a hard-hitting slam at the record books for the first of its [&hellip

  2. Barry Drewett of Contrast The Water

    Contrast The Water: A Second Coming

    Metallers in the USA’s San Francisco Bay Area between the period September 2011 to March 2012 were treated to a rising force in their locality; a treat from the distant land of South Africa; our very own home-brewed mix of groove-death metal with a band known as Contrast The Water. Hailing from the coastal city [&hellip

  3. become-the-watcher-paradigm

    Become the Watcher – Paradigm Review

    What the hell is happening in Durban lately? After a long drought where the scene seemed all but dead, there has been a sudden and rabid revival from the coast. Started as a studio project, Become the Watcher has burst out of nowhere as a frontrunner to the modern, more mature deathcore sound

  4. Subvers Terminatryx Mercury 2014

    Terminatryx Celebrates Twelfth Year with ‘Gone’ Video Launch

    During the years spanning just before and after the turn of the century, South Africa’s Gauteng Province once represented a stronghold of boundary-pushing alternative music, particularly in the realms of the dark and shadowy with a touch of electronics. Acts such as Battery 9, Silex and The Awakening dominated live circuits and even enjoyed a [&hellip

  5. Dead Letter Circus

    Australia’s Dead Letter Circus Returns to South Africa

    Nothing beats blindly stumbling across a superb support band when you only have eyes for the headliner. Whilst living in Australia some years back, my friend got me free tickets to see The Butterfly Effect. As I stood watching the venue pack out, four plain black-clad guys walked out on stage and totally blindsided me. [&hellip

  6. Die Dood Sieleherder

    ‘Die Dood’ comes to life with new release

    In South Africa, the general presence of heavy metal is so underground that even we metalheads sometimes forget about some of the niche sub-genre’s right here under our noses. In fact, there are a handful of artists pushed so very far underground, it can be mused that they are closer to the fiery pits of [&hellip

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