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  1. Bleeding Spawn - Pathogenic Mechanized Abomination cover art

    Bleeding Spawn to melt faces in Durban

    Middelburg, South Africa: we had some words with the blissfully brutal Bleeding Spawn as they prepare to deploy to Durban today. There, they will complete the force arrayed to celebrate in headbanging style with The Metalist at their birthday party marked by Facemelt Fest – the Durban installation being one of four hosted as a [&hellip

  2. Hope Is For Heroes 2016 by Henry Engelbrecht

    Hope Is For Heroes to melt faces in Gauteng

    Bloemfontein, South Africa: rising to some acclaim this year in not only their home city, but in nearby Gauteng as well, is the post-harcore band Hope Is For Heroes. The last twelve months has seen them tour to Cape Town, then to Gauteng with Cape Town bands Atlantic South and With Dawn, and then to [&hellip

  3. Thread Of Omen 2016 live at M4A SummerFest'17

    Thread Of Omen: join Wrath Inc for Rockstadt

    BraČ™ov, Romania: Romania’s premier open air weekend metal festival will be welcoming another band from South Africa in 2017 following the success of an appearance by Mind Assault at Rockstadt Extreme Fest in August of 2016. This time, the festival will host melodic tech-death metal band Thread Of Omen to the stage for their first [&hellip

  4. Last One Alive - Kiss The Ground

    Last One Alive: Kiss The Ground video launch

    Cape Town, South Africa: something which has been brewing slowly in the background for many months is seeking to burst out in short order, starting this weekend with the release of a first music video, ‘Kiss The Ground’, by Last One Alive. The first viewing will take place tomorrow night at Mercury Live along with [&hellip

  5. Wacken Metal Battle South Africa

    2017 Wacken Metal Battle SA: Submissions open

    Johannesburg, South Africa: submissions for South African bands to participate in the 2017 Wacken Metal Battle have opened today. Local promoter, Emalyth, will be processing via a Google Form which can be found at this link. Local heats will be taking place next year during the month of March. Whilst there will definitely be heats [&hellip

  6. pyjamaplanet-2016-max-chops

    Pyjama Planet: Max Chops arrives today

    Cape Town, South Africa: at metal4africa we often struggle at being kept notified of new releases – our modus operandi to generally pursue news rather than having it come to us – although not so the case with Pyjama Planet. Released today, Pyjama Planet has offered up a debut full length album with the brashly [&hellip

  7. All We've Known 2016 press

    All We’ve Known: begin Human Nature tour

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa: beginning with their Human Nature tour in neighbouring Jeffrey’s Bay tonight, All We’ve Known are abuzz with excitement to be on the road again. Their adventure will extend only as far as Cape Town for this year, although it sounds like 2017 will see the electronic-post-hardcore-infused melodic metallers infiltrate the nation [&hellip

  8. harvest-misery-2016

    Harvest Misery: brutally sci-fi coming soon

    Durban, South Africa: this nation’s apparent capital city for Slam and Sludge currently, two opposite extremes on the underground music circuit, offers up yet another new project from it’s metallic pits. Harvest Misery is a technical death metal side project featuring members of the esteemed Vulvodynia and other bands, but with a specific theme and [&hellip

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