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  1. Iron Maiden by Linda Evermore: Johannesburg 2016

    Review: Iron Maiden live in Johannesburg

    Saturday the 21st May 2016, a hungry Johannesburg crowd eagerly awaited their turn for Iron Maiden‘s The Book of Souls World Tour. This was the second and final show on South African soil, once again a stellar performance with top notch sound, dazzling lighting and superb, riveting visuals, played to a packed-out audience. For out-of-city [&hellip

  2. Demons From the Dungeon Dimension: There Was Ogres

    Demons From the Dungeon Dimension: There Was Ogres

    KwaZulu Natal, South Africa: Demons From the Dungeon Dimension, who regard themselves as “Hillbilly Doom”, have released a two-track EP hot on the heels of their debut album As The Crow Flies which was released only this month. The EP, named There Was Ogres, features the title track, a 21-minute epic which is then re-imagined [&hellip

  3. Witchdoctor Productions 2016 ticket giveaway

    Win over R3000 worth of concert tickets

    Johannesburg, South Africa: Witchdoctor Productions, promoter of international live music tours to South Africa, has decided to give away a lump prize of double tickets for all of their shows currently booked for the remainder of 2016. Included are concerts by Fear Factory (USA), Rotting Christ (Greece), Eskimo Callboy (Germany) and Amorphis (Finland) in the [&hellip

  4. Emalyth Arts Expo: Nine Lives

    Emalyth Arts Expo: Nine Lives – submissions open

    Pretoria, South Africa: this region’s most beloved local underground music and arts-focused festival returns in January 2017 for it’s ninth installation with Arts Expo: Nine Lives. With dates set and a stylish artwork to emphasize the theme and compliment the milestone, the promoter Emalyth has announced that submissions for 2017 are formally opened. “We’ve grown [&hellip

  5. Wacken Metal Battle SA 2016 final date

    Wacken Metal Battle South Africa: finalists

    Johannesburg, South Africa: with all of the regional heats now concluded, Wacken Metal Battle South Africa approaches it’s final hurdle in Johannesburg on 28 May where one band will be chosen to represent this nation abroad. With 28 nations participating in this year’s installation of the international competition, the odds are not getting easier. Already [&hellip

  6. Wacken Metal Battle SA 2016 banner 600px

    Wacken Metal Battle: Gauteng – Good luck!

    Johannesburg, South Africa: this weekend will see the conclusion of preliminary rounds for this nation’s third time participating in the global Wacken Metal Battle. With these battle heats along the coastal regions of Durban and Cape Town completed, the action focuses on the inland cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria before the South African finals in [&hellip

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