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M4A Event Affiliates

Many thanks from the Cape Town metal community to the following for assisting to make our event’s a greater experience for all:

Paul Bothner Music

Since the very first M4A event in 2007, Paul Bothner Music have been supplying us with an excellent backline. Performers and event staff have been able to step onto the stage in full confidence that gear is up to spec and expectation with Mapex Drums and Laney Amplification. Visit Paul Bothner Music on the web.


Public Safety remains a high priority at our shows, and whilst some patrons might see security officials as a threat to having a great time, our mission is to ensure your safety from factors within and outside of the event/venue environment. Vertel Two-Way Radios helps us to get this done where the right people can be quickly deployed to deal with any situations which may arise. Visit Vertel on the web.

Nytrox Productions

Nytrox Productions are your entertainers at the second party area at M4A shows, providing DJ services. We’ve been enjoying their assistance since 2012. Visit Nytrox Productions on the web.

True Believers

Members of the community have also stepped up to ensure the longevity of this event tradition when future events appeared to be headed for troubled waters in 2012 with the establishment of a membership club. True Believers entails a monthly membership fee, often in exchange for VIP treatments at all M4A and some affiliated events. Visit True Believers on the web.

Vape Empire

Our most recently added affiliate, Vape Empire love all things Vape and have conjured up a unique flavour for the www.metal4africa.com brand which will be available for sale from their stall at our events. Visit Vape Empire on the web.