A New Era Is Upon Us

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Greetings Headbangers! Welcome to a new-look metal4africa website to usher in 2022 and our path moving forward.

In the post-lockdown world, those of us who make up M4A find ourselves back to the beloved basics. Our greatest strength as a brand/organisation/community has always been events. Or as we like to say: bringing people together to celebrate Friendship and Metal.

Let’s get back to work with METAL4AFRICA ’22

So, with lockdown lifted, we’re doing exactly that happy task once again.

Plus, you’ll notice we’ve expanded! And we have you to thank for it.

Lockdown and Covid – apart from momentarily ruining everyone’s lives – also taught us useful things. The greatest lesson was our circle of supporters showing itself to be way bigger than we previously believed. When we decided to take our annual festival to an online format it suddenly became accessible to just about everyone, and artists as well as supporters from every corner of the country and beyond were quick to get on board with our crazy plan. We’ve been humbled and stunned by your support, wherever in the world you are.

By far, our largest non-Cape Town support came from the Gauteng region; showing itself in attendance and in financial backing through our T-shirt campaign.

Spreading the “Friendship and Metal” Magic

Jozi and surrounds, we owe you, and so we’re coming to share some of the real live concert magic with you guys too. M4A has brewed up what we think is a unique, diverse and exciting line-up to awaken your inner headbanging instincts, and your sub-genre, culture, race and religion-crossing comradery as so often enjoyed in our own “Mother City” here by the sea.

We announced some time ago that SummerFest and WinterFest would have to be shelved for a while, but that’s far from putting M4A out of action on the events calendar. It just says we’re thinking differently about what we do, who we serve, and how we serve. The disruption of Covid-19 presents an opportunity to try new things.

Cape Town: 03 September, 2022

We’ll be back as strong as ever with the event you know and love at our home-base, Metronome, along with all the usual tricks and treats of the legacy SummerFest and WinterFest jols. Only now, we’re just calling it – you guessed it – METAL4AFRICA ’22.

METAL4AFRICA '22 Cape Town

Johannesburg / Gauteng: 03 September, 2022

You’re an ingredient in the mix now. We’ve teamed up with Sognage and other local people to bring you a vibe that many have often traveled down to Cape Town to see and partake in for themselves. We won’t claim “better”, but we trust you will enjoy as “different”. Only now you can get it and still sleep in your own beds with – you guessed it – METAL4AFRICA ’22.

Hello World?

World, we haven’t forgotten your global presence and support during the online times either. So we’re aspiring to keep an online element for the upcoming date for you to eavesdrop and enjoy as well, or to just stay connected if you’re a South African living abroad as so many of you are who supported us for the online festivals. The format and technicalities are not 100% clear yet, but we’ll do everything in our power to maintain an uplink via YouTube, offering you a peek into what’s cooking in either city. More info to come in due course.

Check out more event details via our facebook event pages for Cape Town and Johannesburg. These pages and this website will be added to in the weeks to come as more features are added to each city’s festivities.

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