Adorned in Ash: lead lady lands Ibanez endorsement

Adorned in Ash 2018 Robyn Ferguson Ibanez
Robyn Ferguson: image by Nathan Ferreira (Snapback Photography)

Pretoria, South Africa: black-death metal hybrid band Adorned in Ash is working on a follow-up to its 2014 album, The Dead Walk Among Us. Hardworking and determined, the female-fronted band raked in a few top positions in the South African Metal Music Awards over the years and has performed major metal events all across Southern Africa. To sweeten the pot, Ibanez just honoured the leading lady, Robyn Ferguson, with an endorsement deal.

Getting official with Ibanez SA

Robyn, 27 years of age, is an accomplished lead guitarist and metal vocalist; her journey begun at the tender age of 12. Whereas she vocals for the tribute band Sistas of Metal, Robyn truly shines on stage with Adorned in Ash where her vocals and playing ability take center stage. And it appears as though the big brands recognize rising stars! We had a chat with her upon hearing this news.

“I’m fortunate to be playing the latest 2018 range of Iron Label RG guitars; A showstopper at NAMM this year. These guitars are at the cutting edge at the moment and are amazing tools. I’m currently using the RGIX6DLB and it’s truly kicking my playing into the next level.” ~ Robyn Ferguson (lead guitar/lead vocals, Adorned in Ash)

Focus on community

Ibanez‘s South African operations (Ibanez SA) will work hand in hand with Robyn to build greater interactivity with its community of players.

“My goal is to share my little bit of knowledge and my passion to ultimately grow the entire metal community; so we all can go further together. A win means nothing if there is no one to share it with and I’m excited for where we are going.” ~ Robyn Ferguson

A part of her deal with Ibanez is to help rejuvenate the local social media space; which offers a win-win as she pursues her own goal to connect with others. Robyn is also beginning to do session playing, and is interested in collaborative projects.

“I’m looking forward to many cool things in the near future. So fortunate to have an amazing team and band family behind me who supports me 100%. I couldn’t ask for better people in my life.” ~ Robyn Ferguson

As Ibanez SA‘s first female endorsee, Robyn leaves a final word of encouragement for other lady players:

“Women are being noticed more and more and I think it’s wonderful. You can, regardless of gender, age, nationality or class make a difference if you really try. Put your mind to it and make it happen. You can.” ~ Robyn Ferguson

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