Bulletscript: new vocalist, new gig dates

Bulletscript: image courtesy of Laura McCullagh
Bulletscript: image courtesy of Laura McCullagh

Cape Town, South Africa: formed in 2006, Bulletscript developed into something of a staple for the Cape Town metalhead. However, the band fell silent a year ago following Ian Watson’s departure as vocalist when he moved on to pursue his career as a touring sound engineer.

Recently, Bulletscript unveiled its latest member with this stunning photograph; none other than Brett Bruton, formerly from All Guns Full Ammo. With the unveiling come a few gig date announcements.

Bulletscript: new chapters and a constant state of evolution

Of course, any band which experiences a member change can expect certain shifts in the undercurrents of creativity. Many will be locked into a certain style following previously released material; others will flourish in new directions. For the band members it remains a question of attitude and, for these guys, the attitude speaks of: opportunity.

“Since inception, Bulletscript has seen multiple line-up changes. We’ve focused on pushing ahead and playing on the strengths of the various musicians we’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with. The band’s sound and song-writing approach has evolved significantly through the years and various members changes. Maintaining the kinda mid 90s groove metal influence with a darker, more modern and melodic undertone, we’re confident we’ve established our own original style of metal.” ~ Jacques Hugo (guitar, Bulletscript)

To date, Brett will be Bulletscript‘s fifth vocalist. No doubt, he has some big shoes to fill. Former vocalists include Warren Alexander (also The Summer Underground), Joel Jardim (also Azrail), George Schoombee (also Sacraphyx) and of course, Ian Watson. Whilst Bulletscript was Ian’s first frontman role, the stalwart musician played guitar and provided backing vocals for legendary rock act, Lithium during the 90s.

New face, new challenges

Brett Bruton AGFA by F de VilliersNonetheless, Brett enjoys his own credential as the ultra-expressive, unhinged-looking vocalist for All Guns Full Ammo. Now he will lend his magic to the Bulletscript camp and has embraced personal growth as a vocalist.

“The last few months have been a blast, but also incredibly challenging. Ian set an incredibly high standard with his vocals, and I’ve had to work incredibly hard on my throatballing skills. That said, I’ve tried to bring something uniquely me to the tracks, both old and new, that I really hope the fans will enjoy. I’ve tried to blend the intensity of Bulletscript vocals with a touch more melody here and there. So it’s certainly not a whole new Bulletscript; more of a version ‘2.0’ that really sets the stage for some incredible work to come.” ~ Brett Bruton (vocals, Bulletscript)

The first of upcoming shows featuring Brett on vocals include:

Saturday 31 March @ The Black Irish (old Rabbit Hole venue) with The Warinsane and Abaddon
Saturday 21 April @ ROAR Live with A Swift Redemption, Abaddon and newcomers Khõja

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