Deity’s Muse: UK Tour, Bloodstock Festival

Deity's Muse, Uk Tour, Bloodstock Festival

Johannesburg, South Africa: Turning Tricks Entertainment star act, Deity’s Muse, is traveling to Europe once again in 2018. This follows an appearance by the prog rock quartet at the prestigious Euroblast Festival last year.

Bloodstock Festival

The trip abroad is focused on the UK this time and will include a number of club dates, culminating at Bloodstock Festival. Bloodstock is one of the nation’s leading festivals for predominantly Metal music.

“It’s a major leap into the UK touring market for us. Being included on a festival as prestigious as Bloodstock is not only a wild dream come true, but completely surreal considering we’re a bunch of dudes from Alberton in South Africa. Some of our favourite bands have played this fest year in and year out; such as Opeth, Mastodon and Devin Townsend. So we were pretty gobsmacked at the news.” ~ Wayne Boucher (guitar/vocals, Deity’s Muse)

The 2018 line-up already includes attraction highlights such as Judas Priest, Nightwish and Gojira on the Main Stage. Deity’s Muse is thrilled enough to be appearing on the same stage as accomplished acts like Pallbearer, Orphaned Land and Voyager.

Deity's Muse, Euroblast 2017, by Mai Visualart
Deity’s Muse, Euroblast 2017: image courtesy of Mai Visualart

The band is planning other shows in the lead-up to this grand finale of its second UK visit.

“Back in 2012 when we were still a three-piece, we played at the 100 Club in London; but this time around we’ll be building a UK tour culminating in the Bloodstock performance. We’re still ironing out the finer details but UK tour dates will be announced soon.” ~ Wayne Boucher

The UK Tour still rides on the back of Deity’s Muse‘s last album, Convergence, released two years ago. However, upon returning from abroad, Deity’s Muse will begin work on a new release scheduled for 2019.

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