DevilSpeak: EP launch date, details announced

Devilspeak EP launch announcement

Cape Town, South Africa: if there is anything we’ve learned about DevilSpeak since it arrived on the scene in 2015, it’s that the band is relentlessly proactive. And perhaps more than that, truly artful in its aspirations and ability to remain playful whilst deadly serious. Just about everything is a double-take; every detail has another finer detail behind it. There are so many layers to enjoy, and that is why DevilSpeak is widely spoken about, and why it won Best Newcomer at the 2016 SAMMA. And so we’re realizing this as the See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil debut EP launch date looms ever nearer.

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EP launch on 10 February, live global broadcast

Once again, DevilSpeak forges it’s own path. The band is not doing a conventional live launch concert or tour. Instead, you can enjoy participating in the launch from wherever you are! See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil releases worldwide across all major digital platforms on 10 February, followed by an online live stream of a performance by the band that same night. The stream will run for roughly two hours, starting around 5pm CAT / 3pm GMT / 11am EST. The band aims to do the live stream via Facebook and Youtube simultaneously.

“We decided to do the launch celebration this way as we’ve had the idea of doing a live streaming show for a long while. We see it as a way to get people from all around the world to join the launch celebrations wherever they may be; giving them an opportunity to see us live in a sense, even if they are not physically there with us. I also thought it would be cool for a fan to be able to listen to the EP during the day and then watch us perform it live that evening if they liked what they heard.” ~ Derrick Leppan (bass/backing vocals, DevilSpeak)

Join the global event page for the live stream on facebook for fresh updates.

DevilSpeak M4A 2017 by Christopher Tatzreither
DevilSpeak: image courtesy of Christopher Tatzreither

Limited audience, intimate setting

The live stream will take place at Milestone Studios in Cape Town; the same place where the band records all of its material. Provision is being made for only 20 guests, individually invited by the band.

DevilSpeak has also kindly offered to reserve two of those seats for a True Believer member (True Believers are the wonderful individuals who financially support this website) and a plus-one of their own, and furthermore, will offer a free EP download to all True Believer members days before the official launch. For True Believer members who read this article, simply share it from your facebook profile and/or instagram and include the hashtags: #DevilSpeak #DevilSpeakTB. We’ll track via there and allocate each entrant a number, then choose a winner using

See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil: physical release

The EP will be available in physical format as well. Once again, something different and including a DevilSpeak personal touch; the details of which remain reserved as a surprise, but we do know that it won’t be a standard jewel case or digipak. More to be revealed in due course.

In the meantime, you can also tune in to One FM 94.0‘s Rock Arena at 22h00 on Monday 04 February where the band will be interviewed. If you miss that, then catch DevilSpeak again at Zone Radio on Thursday 08 February from 10h30.

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DevilSpeak DeWet 2017 by Christopher Tatzreither
DevilSpeak: image courtesy of Christopher Tatzreither