Facing The Gallows: long-time vocalist departs, for real

Facing The Gallows - Photographer Mike Bell - Doom II release
Facing The Gallows: image courtesy of Mike Bell (Capitol Collective)

Johannesburg, South Africa: we published a similar story in 2014 when frontman Bryan Binneman went on what turned out to be more of a short hiatus. As one of the founding members of popular Metalcore band Facing The Gallows, this was a shock. Perhaps it has prepared us to soften the blow now that Bryan assures us that this time it is permanent.

Facing The Gallows: current shows & future plans

Bryan took the time to elaborate on his decision. More so than in 2014; yet seems to fill in the missing parts from that same time at this juncture.

In the video, Bryan shares some of his difficulties with maintaining his enthusiasm for his life as a performer. Among the challenges he finds himself facing includes: matters of personal health and mental well-being; keeping up with the shifting lifestyle of marriage and adulthood, and; the culmination of a shift in priorities.

Bryan also tells us that Facing The Gallows as a band unit has no immediate desire to call it a day just yet. After his final shows with the band, supporting the USA’s Fit For A King South African tour this weekend, a hunt for his replacement will begin.

Facing The Gallows has a powerful legacy which includes two EPs and a magnificent full length album over ten years. The band has also toured South Africa extensively and enjoys an impressive resume of support for international visitors. This includes: August Burns Red, Every Time I Die, Darkest Hour, Our Last Night, The Ghost Inside, Affiance, Underoath, Asking Alexandria, Have Heart, Shipwreck, Unearth and Protest the Hero.

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