The Fallen Prophets: Rockstadt and Romania awaits

Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2018

Cape Town, South Africa: of course, many of us have heard this news much earlier already. However, it’s always nicer to see the official version when it appears on a poster. Another victory for South African Death Metal as The Fallen Prophets prepare for another Wrath Inc sanctioned trip to Romania in August. Following in the footsteps of last years visitors, Thread Of Omen and ice-breakers in 2016, Mind Assault, The Fallen Prophets will represent South African extreme music at Rockstadt Extreme Fest in the Transylvanian forest.

The Fallen Prophets and The Road to Rockstadt

Naturally, we’re always very proud when we see the name of a South African band appear on a poster line-up; especially when sharing space with so many amazing international acts. But what are we doing to help to get them there?

As a community, Cape Town Death Metal is pulling together and doing some fundraisers. One has taken place already, and another looms on the horizon for next week, hosted by Undivided Legion.

“The fundraising far is a huge success. We will be performing again alongside Imperial Destruction and Abbadon at the Black Irish – the old Rabbit Hole – an the 23rd this month for another fundraiser.” ~ Pieter Pieterse (vocals/guitar, The Fallen Prophets)

“People are supporting in a lot of ways. We would like to thank all off you! We will do our best to represent South Africa and to show them the metal is alive here.” ~ Pieter Pieterse

For full details on the Deathraiser show on Friday 23 March, visit the official facebook event page. Anybody interested in following Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2018 can do so at this facebook event page.

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Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2018 poster