Fit For A King: fit for South African shores, tour dates

Johannesburg, South Africa: USA’s metalcore crusader, Fit For A King, is headed to South Africa. Furthermore, the tour arrives as soon as June! The Fit For A King tour is another installment of Jam Packed Productions promised five tours for 2018; the first of which is still underway at the time of publishing.

The hard push for international tours by this new promoter on the scene is tied in with a charity organization seeking to offer financial aid to Rhino conservation. The target of R1,000,000 has been set for 2018.

Fit For A King, by Colby Moore
Fit For A King: photograph by Colby Moore

Tour dates & destinations

Announcements today listed dates in three cities along with all confirmed support acts as follows:

28 June, Thursday @ Mercury Live in Cape Town.
Supported by: Truth and its Burden (JHB), As Time Divides, Atlantic South, Treehouse Burning, OneDaySky (JHB) and A Fate Like Yours (JHB). Tickets here.

29 June, Friday @ Arcade Empire in Pretoria.
Supported by: Truth And Its Burden, Facing the Gallows, Riddlebreak, A Fate Like Yours and OneDaySky. Tickets here.

30 June, Saturday @ Sundowners in Alberton, Johannesburg.
Supported by: Truth And Its Burden, Facing the Gallows, Riddlebreak, A Fate Like Yours and OneDaySky. Get tickts.

Fit For A King

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Fit For A King is signed to Solid State Records and the latest of its four albums, Deathgrip, released in October 2016.

We also managed to get commentary from two of the local support acts; As Time Divides, being a relative newcomer to the scene, and from Truth and its Burden, a seasoned stalwart.

“This event is huge for us as a band. Everyone in South Africa knows that it is a massive deal when any type of metal band comes to our country, so to be able to play with Fit For A King is an absolute dream come true. We don’t get to see many international metalcore bands in cape town, let alone have the opportunity to play a show with them. We are beyond thankful that JamPacked Productions chose us.” ~ Glenn Watling (vocals, As Time Divides)

As Time Divides

Truth and its Burden is a seasoned South African act with tours in Europe and the USA behind it’s name. The band came back after a brief hiatus last year with its powerful I Labour album. Truth and its Burden will accompany Fit For A King on all South African tour dates.

“Since releasing ‘I Labour’ and returning as a performing band, we’ve had to adjust our mindset and focus a bit more on where we see ourselves now as a band. We’ve realized that time away almost costs you everything you built up. Returning has been a humbling experience overall and we’re truly starting at the beginning again, building our name in a music scene that has changed a lot since we last toured. We’ve got high hopes for this year being an incredible one to say the least. Our album; albeit a 2017 release, is still brand new and we’ve only played a couple shows in support of it. We’re proud of it and wanna give it the airtime we feel it truly deserves. Getting around South Africa a couple times this year should help this cause a lot and everyone in our camp is truly excited for it.” ~ Ashley De beer (vocals, Truth and its Burden)

Jam Packed Productions
offers a real roadshow with this one, featuring huge line-ups at each event. it looks like 2018 is shaping up to be a big one for the Metalcore/Hardcore fans.

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Truth And Its Burden 2017 press photo
Truth and its Burden, from Johannesburg