Nerve Zero: live album launch approaches

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Johannesburg, South Africa: death metal still lives in Hate City! Nerve Zero proves this with the impending release of its debut album this Saturday at Rumours Rock City. Guest bands include instrumental metallers Posthumous, headbanging groove-masters State Dependency, and the recently declared Kings of Oldschool, Deadline; bringing an eclectic ambiance to the evening’s entertainment.

Nerve Zero Album Launch Rumours

Nerve Zero album Launch 21 April

Posted by Kevin Kirkland Bartle on Monday, February 19, 2018

Entering into the Torture Chamber

This moment has been a long time coming for Nerve Zero. With roots in death metal reaching back to the days of Pariah Mary, and a current member formerly also having performed with the likes of Agro, the culture is strong with this one! The band goes all the way with Torture Chamber, even in spite of a simpler goal to start with.

“Originally we were going to just put out an EP and headed into the studio with that intention. Once we were recording, it became clear that we needed to record all of our material. We decided to spend some more time in the studio and do an entire album.” ~ Keven Bartle (guitar, Nerve Zero)

After six months of graft, Nerve Zero looks forward to increasing it’s national footprint. Having performed mostly in Gauteng, the band took its death metal to Bloemfontein last year. With Torture Chamber about to be sent into the world, Nerve Zero sets sights on M4A headquarters too.

“There will also be a surprise announcement coming up after our album launch… but we cannot release this info as of yet. As for cape town…we are really excited to come down and play for all those crazy metal heads and share our music to them… so keep for your peeled… we will come.” ~ Keven Bartle

Below is a lyric video for the album’s title track, ‘Torture Chamber’. For full event details, which includes that one attendee will take home an electric guitar and other cool things, visit the official facebook event page.

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