Ohgod: Turning Tricks Entertainment bag another act

Ohgod 2017
Ohgod 2017, image courtesy of Jean-Pierre Whitfield

Johannesburg, South Africa:Turning Tricks Entertainment isn’t fumbling in 2018. Following the news of Red Helen joining the entertainment label’s roster three weeks ago, today we learn that Cape Town’s Ohgod is bagged as well!

“We’ve had a steady relationship with Turning Tricks Entertainment for the past four years. Some of our most memorable shows to date were with TTE. We are super pumped about the formal joining of Ohgod and Turning Tricks, and we are excited about the future. Having a reputable company put themselves behind your art is really something we all aspire to when starting a band. Getting to that point reaffirms that all the work we put in as musicians to create a good product has not gone unappreciated, and someone is willing to tie their brand to yours.” ~ Danny Harris (drums, Ohgod)

Ohgod: Europe awaits

For Ohgod, the international stage is a thing which once seen cannot be unseen. Ohgod traveled to India for its first intercontinental appearance early in 2017. South Africa greeted the news in February that Ohgod is returning abroad in 2018 for a number of performances; the first of which is at Belgium’s Dunk! Festival. However, the newly forged relationship with Turning Tricks Entertainment promises to open many doors for Ohgod as far as international booking go.

“We have been planning to go to Europe for a while, and getting on the bill for Dunk! Fest really blew the lid off of it. I personally started conversations with a lot of industry professionals to touch base with everyone I knew in the scene who had some experience with Europe. Naturally, Wayne and Duncan were on the top of my list. One thing led to the next, and suddenly we are signed for an international booking contract with Turning Tricks. There are a couple of announcements coming in the near future in regards with this alliance, keep your eyes peeled.” ~ Danny Harris

The Great Silence extends its reach

The international aspirations follow hot on the heels of The Great Silence, Ohgod‘s full-length album released in December. Already, the album find’s itself nominated for the South African Metal Music Awards; the same which earned Ohgod an award for Best EP in 2016.

“The Release of ‘The Great Silence’ has been received really well; we could not have hoped for a better response. Majority of the support is coming from abroad through channels like Bandcamp. Turning Tricks and Ohgod will be working together to push the release internationally and locally, hopefully laying new ground for South African artists trying to break into the international market.” ~ Danny Harris

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