Red Helen: Trading Past For Pathways anniversary gift

Red Helen 2017 Trading Past For Pathways

Johannesburg, South Africa: progressive metalcore band Red Helen celebrates one year since the release of its Trading Past For Pathways album today. Red Helen invites members of the public to join its celebration by giving away 200 free downloads of the album today only. First come, first served via Bandcamp. Don’t hesitate!

Trading Past For Pathways: increasing global footprint

Since unleashing Trading Past For Pathways into the world, Red Helen‘s footprint extends internationally. Albums have been shipped to Europe, the USA, Australia and even less anticipated destinations such as India. The music video for ‘Ode to the Corrupt’, which voices descent about local politicians, presently clocks in at over 20,000 views on youtube.

“Releasing Trading Past For Pathways one year ago was an absolutely massive milestone for Red Helen. Up until that point, save for a few released singles, the only way our fans could hear our music was to see us live. We pride ourselves and work very hard on our live performances, but what we also really wanted was something our fans could also take home with them; something they could listen to whenever they wanted,; something they could attach their own milestones, dreams, experiences and stories to.” ~ Brandon Pratt (vocals, Red Helen)

Brandon also relates how the album release signified a massive turning point for the band in terms of public perception. Even in spite of earning the honour of representing South Africa at the 2014 Wacken Metal Battle finals in Germany, Red Helen met resistance prior to its music being widely accessible.

“Many people had a very specific, often negative idea of what Red Helen was. These views were based on that we were a newborn, under-experienced band still finding its feet. ‘Trading Past For Pathways’ showcases a far more mature, experienced, musically driven and diverse Red Helen! We worked three long years on this album; our fans waited three long years for this album. The fact that so many of our fans all over South Africa and internationally felt that the wait was worth it means the world to us. It’s been a very exciting year!” ~ Brandon Pratt

Future endeavours

Red Helen recently signed a management deal with Turning Tricks Entertainment; the same company responsible for Krank’d Up music festival which since 2013 has hosted international visitors each year. Turning Tricks Entertainment also represents local talent such as Only Forever and Deity’s Muse; the latter of which traveled to Europe last year to appear at the mighty Euroblast festival focused on Progressive Metal.

Brandon shared only a snippet of the band’s future with us at this time:

“Without giving too much away just yet I can confirm that we are working on brand new music. Music we feel is our best work yet and will set a new standard for Red Helen!” ~ Brandon Pratt

Suffice to add that whatever Red Helen has got brewing, it will meet our ears within 2018.

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