Resurrection of Fetal Remains: EP launch approaches

Resurrection of Fetal Remains 2018 Lords of Gore

Middelburg, South Africa: begun in July of 2016, the founding members of the band brought together their influences of Death Metal, Grindcore and Porngrind to create Resurrection of Fetal Remains. Two years later, the “Lords of Gore” are readying themselves for the launch of the band’s debut release; which simply describes themselves as: Lords of Gore.

Resurrection of Fetal Remains EP launch date:

Lords of Gore will launch on 18 August at Sundowners in Alberton, Johannesburg with a live show. Joining Resurrection of Fetal Remains on the line-up includes fellow Middelburg-resident band, Bleeding Spawn; FenrisWulf from another Eastern outpost, Secunda, and; Gauteng locals Omentum plus Militant Martyr. Collectively, this line-up promises a brutally heavy night of extreme entertainment!

From obscurity, Resurrection of Fetal Remains is rising rapidly on the local circuit. A band member describes how, after the first show being a rather humble affair, they worked to develop themselves into a force to be reckoned with:

“After that we were determined to get better and play for larger crowds. We went back to the drawing board and reworked some of our songs to have a more impactful sound. ‘Groovy bone crushing romance’ was implemented and everyone loved it!” ~ Theo Durand (vocals, Resurrection of Fetal Remains)

With that development, the band progressed to playing some festival events and larger shows. We look forward to hearing its first formal offering with Lords of Gore. For more information and updates on the coming launch, follow the official facebook event page.

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