Return To Aether: old faces, new band and debut gig

Return To Aether debut show

Cape Town, South Africa: a new power in extreme metal will unleash itself upon ‘The Mother City’ with Return To Aether. Three remaining members of Child, an extreme metal band which entered the local scene ten years ago, consequently reunited in 2014. Darren, James and Jared picked up where the previous band had left off and began writing. However, their ambitions to return as an instrumental band were thwarted – though blessedly – because of the arrival of vocalist Kent Snell (also known from his role in Kast In Ion).

“The original idea behind it was to be an instrumental band. We wanted a simple, catchy and heavy style with no room for vocals in mind; basically just good heavy instrumental metal to bang your head to. As we wrote newer songs we realized that there was actually room for vocals and so we pursued getting a vocalist. Kent does a good job at placing our songs with his vocal style.” ~ Darren Phipps (guitars/bass, Return To Aether)

Beyond Chaos & Darkness

To whet appetites, Return To Aether offers a little taster of things to come with the release of a song, ‘Beyond Chaos & Darkness’. Two of the the band’s core writers shared insights into the band’s sound, development, and weaving of styles.

“‘Beyond Chaos & Darkness’ is one of the newer songs we have written. It’s a journey that starts off frantic, then goes into melodic death and transforms into more of a black metal vibe towards the end.” ~ Darren Phipps

“For the band, the song forms part of the evolution to where we are taking our overall sound. It sounds a bit different to the older songs we have written; but the more we gig and as people get to know us and our songs, they will be able to hear and get a grasp of our progression through our set.” ~ Jared Février (keyboards & vocals, Return To Aether)

Lyrically, the song rebukes the propaganda encountered in life, including in religions and faith. Vocalist Kent Snell is also eager to hit the stage and spread his own gospel.

“Getting back on stage for me is super exciting, and to show folks what we have been working on for years has made me feel even more overwhelmed. Having this debut gig will not only show the local metal scene who we are, but also show what level we are at and where we are going with Return To Aether’s sound.” ~ Kent Snell (Vocals, Return To Aether)

Return To Aether, return to all

With elements of Black, Death, Melodic, and also Thrash Metal, Return To Aether aspires to seize the hearts and souls of all levels of extreme metaller. The date is set for a debut performance. Catch Return To Aether live for the first time at ROAR Live. Joining them on Saturday 2 September are The Fallen Prophets, DevilSpeak and another relative newcomer to the scene, Abaddon.

“It feels great to finally start letting people know about Return To Aether’s existence. We are super excited to start playing regular gigs and showing folks out there what we have written and put a lot of work into.” ~ James Brassell (drums, Return To Aether)

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