Terminatryx: farewell, new guitarist needed

Terminatryx 2015 Witchfest by Blue Hands Imaging
Terminatryx 2015 Witchfest: photograph by Blue Hands Imaging

Cape Town, South Africa: dark rock/industrial metal band Terminatryx submitted a lengthy press statement (full statement below) today. The band is looking for a new guitar player to begin rehearsing immediately after this Saturday’s all-ages 18 Till I Die concert at ROAR Live. The show will be treated as a farewell, as well as a launch for the band’s Remyx v2.0 full length album. For full even details, visit the official facebook event page.

Terminatryx Statement

Globally, bands face a myriad of both pros and cons, ups, downs, joys and sorrows. But it seems like in South Africa there are sometimes more valleys than peaks to endure, especially when you find yourself on the Alternative side of the equation. One of these painful truths every band has to face is the loss of a band member.

Some may take it for granted when they see a four-piece band play live on stage, not considering the time, work and personal connections that went into it (whether you like the music or not), and that band members don’t just fall in one anothers lap. Personalities, moods and temperaments differ wildly, and to find a combination of four individuals to click, work together well as a unit, reflect mutual respect and enjoy what they do regardless of the economic gains or losses, is not as common as one might expect.

Terminatryx can count itself as one of the lucky bands in that respect. But sadly this specific well-oiled unit’s configuration is about to endure a shift, more seismic than we’d like to admit. Our dear friend and guitarist Patrick is moving on to uncharted (but focused) territory in search of his destiny and true self, a path where Terminatryx wouldn’t be able to fit in, from various perspectives including not only humanity’s ever ticking invisible foe, Time, but also that physical barrier of Geography and Distance.

For 10 of the band’s 15 years Pat has been a solid participant in taking the group to where it is today, and it has always first and foremost been as a collection of friends being creative together, as opposed to an assembled set of musicians employed to fulfill a task.

Our selfish urges would like to keep Patrick exactly where he is, and while saddened, we will never hamper his striving to reach his goals. We’re not insulted that Terminatryx cannot be a part of that trip, but rather look at it as an opportunity to shift the view a touch and give that comfort zone a shake – while very focused in our execution, keep moving ahead into new horizons.

The Terminatryx performance on Saturday 30 September at The Unscene‘s 18 Till I Die all ages concert (ROAR Live, Observatory) will be a bitter-sweet night – marking the launch of our “Shadow” album’s remixed version, Remyx v2.0, but also draw the curtain on Patrick’s last show as the longest running Terminatryx guitarist in the band’s colourful history.

From playing small clubs to big festivals, bending the norm and always keeping as much attention on the visual as the audio, countless rehearsals and good times had outside of the band environment, Patrick has shared in so much with us during his time with the band with no chance of these experiences fading into the forgotten recesses of our minds.
Whether big or small, we’re proud of all our accomplishments and glad to have shared it with Pat.

As the cliche goes, it is not farewell, but merely goodbye, and we wish Patrick and Dauline the best in their new adventure (wherever it may lead them), and we’ll see him soon, albeit not to the left of Sonja headbanging his heart out on stage to ‘Up To You’…

In the interim, Terminatryx will proceed as normal and will be looking for a new guitarist for the group. If you think you’re the guy who can fill Patrick’s boots, contact the band via the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Terminatryx

Patrick ex Terminatryx
Image credits (left to right): L.T., Dr Benway, Adaze

Band member messages

“It is with much sadness, a tear in the eye and a heavy heart, that I let go of my band member, Patrick Davidson”.

“Patrick has been with us from 2007 and has been a loyal and dedicated band member. Thank you Pat for ten incredible years. You were truly the perfect band mate, travel companion, couch surfer, and my co-conspirator when it came to just having one more glass of red wine. You were always prepared to push your personal boundaries when it was asked of you. You endured many stays in F1 hotels, late hours, ridiculous eyeliner episodes, and being dressed in my clothes for the odd video shoot or two!”

“Patrick, there are no words to say how I will miss you beside me on stage. We will always be friends and we love you and Dau dearly”. ~ Sonja Ruppersberg (vocals, Terminatryx)

“Having Patrick as a bandmate for a decade has been nothing but a pleasure – never any drama, always prepared to try something new, level headed and fair to the extent that none of his bands get preferential treatment when it comes to applying his other baby, Metal4Africa’s Summer- and WinterFests”.

“Humble, always considerate, never an asshole, Patrick is the epitome of what the uninformed would not expect a Metalhead to be. As much as it pains us to lose him as a band member, the friendship is still solid as ever and the ties are not severed. At the same time we can’t help but laugh at the fact that initially he said he’d join on a ‘stand-in’ trial basis, to see how it goes – flash forward 10 years!”

“We’ve learned a lot from each other and while sometimes subjecting Pat to things beyond his comfort zone, in the process exposed him to other perspectives and experiences he may not have otherwise encountered. Being a glass half full kinda guy, I feel the door is not closed on any possible future music endeavors together. When this is part of your soul, there’s no letting go”.

“Love you Pat, see you sooner rather than later”. ~ Paul Blom (instrumentation/backing vocals, Terminatryx

“One of the most amazing gentlemen that I have known for the past 20 years, it will truly be a big adjustment to not make music and perform together anymore with Patrick – the thought and reality which is something that I am still avoiding. All Terminatryx members ‘come from the same place’ so it is with bittersweet feelings that I say my farewells. Patrick has always been, and will always be a major part of our lives and musical creations, but I believe that we each have our own paths to follow. And with that, I wish Patrick all the best with his”. ~ Ronnie Belcher (drums/programming, Terminatryx

“Admittedly, I was a little starstruck in March 2007 when Paul Blom approached me at RAMfest about joining his and his wife’s band. The only answer to give was ‘of course’. This guy had been doing what I’ve wanted to be doing since I was still just a squeaky pup! Perhaps if I’d thought back then about the consequences – that eventually one day I’d have to face the heartache and say ‘good bye’ – I’d have answered differently. Well, ten years later and that moment has arrived”.

“My expectation in 2007 was that I’d play with band mates whose level of experience was greater than mine, and that I could learn a whole lot about showbiz. My heartache now is that in 2017 I’m letting down some of the greatest friends anybody could ask for, with whom amazing things have been experienced. We’ve traveled and not only seen, but performed with, some incredible artists. Some of those have formed up the backbone of how even we interpret dark alternative music. These are experiences that money cannot buy. Childhood aspirations which most people give up for ‘impossible’ and move on with their lives. Performing as support for Ministry was utterly surreal, and the greatest highlight. I was 18 again that whole night and for weeks after!”

“But as Sonja told me a couple of months ago when I said that I had to go, ‘we always knew we only had you on borrowed time’, and she was right. My headspace is very different in 2017 than it was five or more years ago, let alone ten. Only your closest of friends will see and recognize an actual decay in your psyche, and offer encouragement to your decision even if it hurts them to let you go”.

“And it is time. For so many years, even before Terminatryx, I’ve poured myself into only one aspect of who I am: entertainer/performer. The lengths I have gone to in pursuit of that are… ridiculous. But I’ve always known that there are other facets of life which I’ll thrive at, and I can no longer bear to let that potential go unexplored because of having too many commitments in just one sphere of my life. Husband. Spiritual Pilgrim. Provider. Builder. Friend. Supporter… these are all titles that mean something to me as well, but had to be sacrificed whilst trying to live up to only one, and to excel in that one. But I have not excelled. I have stagnated. My move away from Terminatryx is about a quest for balance; which needs to begin with consolidation. On the one hand, my friends have put in every effort to make it very easy for me to stay in the band. Too bloody easy! I feel like, of all, I’ve put in the least to deserve the rewards that being a part of this band has proffered. For Terminatryx to thrive, they need somebody who will step up. For Patrick to thrive, I need to diversify my internal priorities”.

“I believe that the friendship, however, remains sincere. I will always hold a part of this band close to my heart. The memories will always be precious, and I trust that as friends, we will get to share in those together from time to time even in the future as somebody else moves in to fill the hole left behind. I would like to be a part of that process too; to not leave without thought, but be involved in coaching and guiding, should such be necessary. But also to step aside and let new life flow if a natural chemistry takes hold”. ~ Patrick Davidson (guitar, Terminatryx

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Terminatryx 2015 promo by Dr Benway
Termintryx: photograph by Dr Benway