Treehouse Burning: Overdose EP out now

Treehouse Burning 2017 Overdose EP

Cape Town, South Africa: Treehouse Burning caught our attention in April with its debut single and title track, ‘Overdose’. Today, the full Overdose EP releases worldwide, including five tracks and two international guest vocal features.

Overdose EP and future aspirations

With Overdose now available, we asked a band member if Treehouse Burning is any closer to a live performance; or if the focus remains on writing and recording. The band seems happy to bide its time.

“For now all we can say is there will be another new single shortly after the EP. We’re constantly working on music, so next year will probably be laden with releases, whether that will be a full album or another EP we’re not entirely sure yet.” ~ Jesse Khun (guitar, Treehouse Burning)

Jesse tells us that Treehouse Burning has already received invitations to play live; however, its members prefer to build even stronger foundations first. In the meantime, fans must be content with the three songs and two compositions available on Overdose. Artwork delivered by Sherlic White, and audio production by Matt Madder.

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