With Dawn: ‘Tethys’ art reveal, launch date

With Dawn 2017 Tethys album art

Cape Town, South Africa: the bountifully dynamic post-hardcore band With Dawn has revealed the artwork for it’s forthcoming EP Tethys, now announced to release on 06 May with a live launch at ROAR in Cape Town.

The launch show features a line-up of With Dawn, and two new acts to hit the scene in 2017 with Pyjama Planet and Alinea; the common thread connecting these three bands being their leaning towards progressive styles of songwriting, and underlying heaviness (facebook event page here).

The artwork was created by With Dawn‘s own Kevin Rule as a representation of the spirit Tethys.

“I tried to think how to express the journey of the song, so I used images of a sphere of water layered onto a sphere of gas and a sphere of ice.” ~ Kevin Rule (guitar/vocals, With Dawn)

In a previous description, Kevin told us in detail about the EP being written actually as a single epic piece, but has been divided into four songs to express this same journey of Tethys. The lyrics describe her departure from Earth, and a transformation process she had to undergo to find happiness and companionship – an artful reflection of our own lives.

We’ve updated this post to include all three of the EP teaser videos below.

Teaser PART I – 05-03-2017

Teaser PART II – 23-04-2017

Teaser PART III – 30-04-2017

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