Abbadon: The Fractured Race, artwork revealed

Abaddon 2018 album announcement

Somerset West, South Africa: with roots in Thrash, Melodic Death, and even a touch of Black Metal, Abaddon begins the unveiling of its debut album, The Fractured Race. Today offers the first view of a grim album artwork, also locally created by Sepulchural Visions.

The Fractured Race: coming mid-Spring.

The Fractured Race arrives with a series of launch shows scheduled around late-October and into November; possibly followed by a few out-of-city dates at a later time. We asked a band member to describe to us in terms of what Abaddon, or The Fractured Race, at least, is all about:

“The main theme of the album is about the feeble-mindedness of people and their tendency to follow and conform without questioning anything for themselves. Extreme forms of patriotism, religion and corrupt governing bodies are tearing humanity apart.” ~ Wian Jacobs (vocals, Abaddon)

Closer examination of The Fractured Race artwork:

Well-known within the community, Wian himself is a reputable tattoo artist and owner at Valkyrie Tattoos. We may have expected that any band art would have been done by him. However, we’ve learned of a collaborative relationship existing between Wian and Jason Modryc of Sepulchral Visions; and who also vocals for Imperial Destruction. A brief was given in the form of a pencil design by Wian Jacobs, with some specific instructions. Jason was encouraged to add his own dark style.

“Jason did one of his original designs as our logo and has done work for Valkyrie before, and I’ve seen the work he’s done for other bands. I have always loved his style and knew there was nobody better to finalize and perfect the rough ideas I had for the album.” ~ Wian Jacobs

ABADDON 2018 The Fractured Race

As the conceptual designer, Wian shared with us the graphic direction of the artwork:

“The ominous church along with the priest poised as Baphomet symbolizes our view that religion is the true evil in the world. If you look closely at the bodies at his feet, you’ll see them enslaved and suffering.” ~ Wian Jacobs

All that Wian tells us about the coming release at this time is that there are two Cape Town shows for which full details will soon be revealed. We might get another preview in the form of a song or two before then as well.

    Saturday 27 October @ The Nameless Pub, Somerset West
    Saturday 03 November @ Black Irish, Durbanville

We will post further updates as they become known to us.

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