Alinea: single released, album announced with ‘Brass Knuckles’

Alinea 2017 Band Photo, Brass Knuckles

Cape Town, South Africa: Alinea – still a relative newcomer to the scene – broadens its introduction with the release of ‘Brass Knuckles’. The song is the first single from Alinea‘s debut album, Delineation; which is due in November. Along with the single, the band also unveils its artwork for Delineation, as well as offering details on its launch date.

Brass Knuckles as the perfect introduction

The band boasts a diverse mix of members, including some remnants of Arc Reactor. With the wealth of cumulative experience, it is no surprise to find such a fresh act hitting as hard.

“‘Brass Knuckles’ encompasses all the genre’s we set out to combine. Showcasing Djent, Reggae and our Punk sensibilities. A lot of our earlier listeners have compared it to Twelve Foot Ninja; which, in our mind, is an amazing compliment”. ~ Ramone Pickover (drums, Alinea)

Ramone tells us how the band’s name, Alinea, means “A new train of thought” or, “To begin anew”, reflects its intent. The fusion touches on genres which members have touched on before, but never before combined into a single project.

Album launch date for Delineation

Delineation, as with ‘Brass Knuckles’, has been tracked and produced under the tender care of Louis Henn at Burning Tone Studios. The title represents a bit of a word-play. “Delineation” means: “The action of describing or portraying something precisely’. However, it is often misunderstood to represent something more like “The breaking of lines”.

“We liked that it could be confused this way, and it relates to what we do as a band, we are precise, but try new things and have no boundaries when it comes to the creation process. Breaking the mould is our specialty.” ~ Ramone Pickover

The album will be released with a live launch in Cape Town at ROAR Live on 18 November. Joining the line-up will be With Dawn and Ohgod, as well as Nathan McClure from Build Your Scene as MC. For full event details and updates, join the official facebook event page.

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Alinea 2017 Delineation