Carthagods: new album coming in 2019


Carthagods 2019 The Monster in Me, album artwork

Tunis, Tunisia: a new album from Carthagods is on its way in 2019 to follow up on the heavy metal giant’s 2015 self-titled debut. Today, the band unveils its album art for this coming work, titled The Monster in Me.

Artist: Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquility

Niklas Sundin (Cabin Fever Media) of Swedish melodic metal outfit Dark Tranquillity created the stunning artwork for Carthagods‘ 2015 self-titled debut, and again for the recent EP, The Devil’s Doll. Keeping with tradition, we wondered if the band has has relied on Niklas once again for The Monster in Me:

“Yes, it’s Niklas Sundin again. We have this kind of loyalty in team-building; especially when his work is so unique. Niklas made the cover artwork and a talented Tunisian artist, Bader Klidi, is making the booklet.” ~ Tarak Ben Sassi (guitar, Carthagods)

Due date for The Monster in Me is for late April 2019. The Monster in Me will be released through the European label, Darkside Records.

Carthagods abroad

Apart from new music, Carthagods has eyes set on touring in 2019 with one show already booked to appear at Chania Rock Festival in Greece this July; playing alongside legends such as Demons & Wizards, Rotting Christ and Tarja Turunen.

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