Deadline: album art, release date for Cathedral Point

Deadline 2020 Cathedral Point alternate artwork - violet

Pretoria, South Africa: old school metal will ring loudly in the ears of the nation again in 2020 as Deadline announces its release date for a brand new album. Titled Cathedral Point, the new collection of songs is scheduled for release on 20 June.

Cathedral Point

Deadline follows up its 2017 debut release, Black Wolf City, with Cathedral Point. Donovan Sloane, responsible for the previous album artwork, continues his involvement with Deadline. This time, he delivers an alternate artwork concept, sporting two colour schemes.

“for any of you that own an original copy of ‘Black Wolf City’ you will notice this cathedral appears on the back of the CD. Cathedral Point is an old abandoned cathedral that Deadline uses as a hideout when they hear that Lady Blitzkrieg is in town. The cover depicts her arriving at the cathedral for the inevitable showdown. There’s already clues in this cover as to album number three.” ~ Jesse Switchblade (vocals, Deadline)

Deadline 2020 Cathedral Point alternate artwork - red

Cathedral Point will be released on all major digital platforms on 20 June, with CDs and Vinyl to follow (date unknown owing to lockdown). Moreover, buyers can choose which colour scheme they’d prefer for the printed sleeve. The first 100 purchases will be hand-numbered and signed by the members of Deadline.

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