Forsaking Fate: debut EP art reveal

Forsaking Fate 2019 album cover

East London, South Africa: death metal draws stronger breath in this city recently with help from Forsaking Fate.

The three-piece, consisting of Grant Hensburg on guitar and vocals, Rory Townes on drums and Edd van Wyk on bass recently placed East London back on the SA Metal map with a heat victory in the 2019 Wacken Metal Battle; thus advancing Forsaking Fate to the South African finals in Johannesburg on 27 April. If successful, a national victory will mean a trip to the international finals in Wacken, Germany later this year.

Forsaking Fate: debut EP coming soon

Additionally, Forsaking Fate holds no bars in 2019, further introducing itself by releasing a self-titled debut EP in the coming months. Today, Grant and company are revealing the track list and stunning artwork for Forsaking Fate. Grant tells us a little about the visual concept expressed in the artwork:

“‘Illusions’ was the first song we wrote. It’s about the illusion or image that the system has created in our mind to make us believe that all is well in the world; when in actual fact it is quite the opposite. ‘The End of Existence’ was just the natural progression thereafter. The artwork basically stems from the idea of those two songs; with the Raven, being symbolic of us, smashing through that perfect illusion and revealing the ugly truth of what is actually around us.” ~ Grant Hensburg

Forsaking Fate: image courtesy of Roxanne Wentzel Photography

By completing the track list for us, Grant lays out the progression which unfolds in the theme throughout this first work soon to be offered by the band:

1) ‘Prologue’
2) ‘Illusions’
3) ‘The End of Existence’
4) ‘Retribution’
5) ‘Souls of Demolition’

“‘Retribution’ basically stems from the feelings and emotions that are dug up as a result from the first two tracks/topics and ‘Souls of Demolition’ is an ode to the masterminds behind the ultimate plans for the destruction of this world, tying into the theme as a whole.” ~ Grant Hensburg

The artwork for Forsaking Fate is credited to Ongky Widyanto, of Tombkick Illustration, and the EP will be released through Draconem Records.

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