Insanity Unveiled: World Of Deception album announced

Insanity Unveiled 2018 World Of Deception

Johannesburg, South Africa: the death metal alchemists at Insanity Unveiled have kept us in waiting since forming the band in 2012. With a few demos released previously, Insanity Unveiled now shows off the album art for World Of Deception; its upcoming debut album.

World Of Deception

The band reveals that the album will consist of eight songs, plus a few aural embellishments between some of them. The work is built up as a DIY project and a lot of personal steam; which is as the band likes it. True to Death Metal form, Insanity Unveiled takes a good, hard look at the world it occupies and uses the album cover to display an apt reflection:

“The image ties in with the name of the album ‘World of Deception’. It is about the contradiction of blindly moving ‘forward’ in life while your world falls apart around you. Lyrical content covers a wide range of topics, but bases itself predominantly on social commentary in our current society. Be it politics, greed, arrogance, ignorance; it is an observation across society as a whole.” ~ Fabian Padeiro (guitar, Insanity Unveiled)

Whilst no formal singles from the album have appeared as yet, we dredged up this demo version of ‘Lying Saviours’; soon to re-release on World Of Deception. Whilst we don’t have an official release date for World Of Deception to share, the bands tells us “soon”.

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