Mad God: Grotesque and Inexorable album art revealed


Grotesque and Inexorable. Coming soon. Thanks to Lyle Van'Dango for the awesome teaser 😀

Posted by Mad God on Thursday, August 23, 2018

Un-mute for Grotesque and Inexorable audio sample

Johannesburg, South Africa: the doom-lords at Mad God are working on a second album scheduled for release on 02 November. Today they reveal the artwork for this coming work titled Grotesque and Inexorable.

Grotesque and Inexorable will follow seventeen months after Mad God‘s first album, Tales of a Sightless City, and an earlier work; a split album with Goat Throne featuring three songs and titled Unholy Rituals released in 2015.

Mad God 2018 Grotesque and Inexorable

Grotesque and Inexorable, artistic representation:

Fellow South African, Lyle Van’Dango, is the artists responsible for today’s presentation. A band member tells us more about the vision and intent behind the creation:

“The art for the new Mad God album reflects the darker and more brooding compositions found on Grotesque and Inexorable. In other words, ‘disgusting and cannot be stopped’. With this album we attempted to make our riffs darker, heavier, weirder and more progressive, as well as our themes; and we needed album art to reflect this evolution of our sound. The art portrays an ancient and evil forest that has claimed the lives of many a traveler and adventurer aiming to traverse its winding paths. An important theme for all our music has been horror stories and I wanted our album art to be able to tell a story much like our songs do.” ~ Tim Harbour (vocals/guitar, Mad God)

You can buy your pre-order for Grotesque and Inexorable via the Mad God Bandcamp page, along with immediate downloads of previous works. At this time, we are only aware of one upcoming show date; in Durban where Mad God accompanies Ruff Majik on the recently announced Season of The Witch tour on 20 October.

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