Mind Assault: new album art, new face on stage

Cape Town, South Africa: more than fifteen years and Mind Assault still has a few tricks up the collective sleeve. In recent months, the band became suddenly active after apparent hiatus.

“We never really stopped doing band things. Life momentum just got in the way of the fun stuff for a while until we could figure it out how to get back on track with the metal. What we have achieved since our last public performance in 2016 is that we’ve recorded of a full length album. We’re very pleased to finally be sharing bits of it.” ~ Patrick Davidson (guitar, Mind Assault)

The Cult of Conflict album art

Today, we get to see what it looks like. The theme is suitably dark, and for Mind Assault, perhaps even a bit spooky. But then the band is talking about a slightly different kind of sound in 2020.

“The art may be a bit spooky, yes. Quite different from previous releases, but so is how we’re sounding these days. But we’ve not really changed all that much. Many of the songs on The Cult of Conflict are recognizable from years of live shows, or even some rough demos. We’ve just polished them up now and given more force to compositions and arrangements. Maybe some people will say it’s sounding more spooky. I’d say it’s sounding infinitely more epic! But our theme for the album is epic. Big! Perhaps a bit spooky too.” ~ Patrick Davidson

Launch date on the cards yet?

The artwork was created ‘in-house’ by Mind Assault members, still clinging to the DIY approach. There is no release date set for The Cult of Conflict as of yet, but Mind Assault is eager to actively promote it.

“Initially, we were aiming to commit to a date quite early in 2020. We didn’t want to launch it at SummerFest’20 though, as we’d rather enjoy to play a longer set when we do a live launch; that way we can play more of the album material as well as old favourites people want to hear. But we’re bringing all the clout of a launch show to SummerFest’20, so don’t miss it! Let’s call SummerFest’20 the ‘soft launch’, shall we?” ~ Patrick Davidson

Who is the new face in the band?

This photo shows a different person to the pictures of Mind Assault M4A published a few weeks ago. Patrick explains:

“Ryan, who replaced Francois on lead guitar in 2015, recorded ‘The Cult of Conflict’ with us. He’s still actively involved in the release process, so until that is done, he’s very much a part of the clan. However, his focus on career takes first place right now and we respect this. The energy and resource it takes to remain gig-ready is demanding, and so he’s asked to be relieved of performance duties.” ~ Patrick Davidson

Stefan Steyn is stepping to the stage, and shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Patrick and Stefan appeared together on stage in Woltemade in 2017 already. Before that, both scene veterans have crossed paths on many occasions since 2008 when Mind Assault first traveled to Namibia. At the time, Stefan was performing with Windhoek based subMission, and he is also known in Gauteng from his years on that circuit, in particular, playing with Mjollnir.

Each guitarist shared a few words with us:

“It’s really amazing to see just how much Mind Assault as developed and matured over the years, not just musically but also how they have grown as people.It’s been a hell of a time and I am so grateful for all the amazing memories we’ve shared on stage together.” ~ Ryan Eberlin

“I am honoured and excited to hit the stage with such legendary friends. It’s Great to be part of something so ambitious.” ~ Stefan Steyn

SummerFest'20 poster