Nuclear Winter: The Harvest Moon

Harare, Zimbabwe: Gary Stautmeister is the mastermind behind this Melodic/Industrial Death Metal export from the landlocked African state. Nuclear Winter‘s latest single, ‘The Harvest Moon’, is out this week and accompanies the promise of a new album.

The Harvest Moon: introducing Greystone

Greystone is the title of Nuclear Winter‘s next full length album. It will be released via South African underground label MMD Records on 21 May, 2021. Nuclear Winter has one previously released EP, titled StormScapes, and a full length debut titled Night Shift. The two were released in 2020 and 2019; you can check them out on Bandcamp.

For now, we’d just love to show off this aesthetically delightful artwork for the forthcoming Greystone (below). Enjoy the first taste with ‘The Harvest Moon’ (above).

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Nuclear Winter 2021 The Harvest Moon