Rhakshah: The Solemn Fracture artwork, tour details

Rhakshah - The Solemn Fracture
Artwork by Ame Harmse

Cape Town, South Africa: Rhakshah, a power ensemble which made its high-impact live debut within the last year, is gearing up to release their debut album this Summer. Today Rhakshah shares the artwork for The Solemn Fracture.

The Solemn Fracture is scheduled for release December 2018, with Rhakshah joining forces with Creating The Godform to initiate The Necrogenesis Tour later this year; with view to promote the coming album.

The Solemn Fracture

Rhakshah‘s frontman, Nathan McClure, shares the thematic approach for his lyric-writing on “The Solemn Fracture” title track:

“The music on The Solemn Fracture will take you on a journey of distinctly proportionate dips and rises. The balances between taste, groove and emotion are enough to throw the avid listeners mind into chaos, whereas the casual listener may just enjoy the experience.” ~ Nathan McClure (vocals, Rhakshah)

Rhaskshah: image courtesy of Keets Designs and Photography

Nathan describes the album as unfolding through a sense of heightened emotional distress; something which we’ve seen portrayed already in a convincing stage act with the live band. Furthermore, he provides a deep context to the artwork as tying in with this lyrical direction:

“At the end of the record, the title track portrays a man who feels there’s now forever a piece of him missing; a piece he never gave away. Just a piece that was severed clean off out of necessity. This was a consequence and a reality he had to endure for the greater good. Interestingly, this has made him a stronger person. The art illustrates inner reflection on this. On one side, a dark deprived shell of a man, with the parasite consuming its host. The parallel side being the calm -the reasoning, the guardian- silencing any residual chaos and restoring order to his mind. There’s a focus once more. The crest eye that binds the two heads together is a representation of unity within what’s left of the man’s subconscious and the purity of the guardians wisdom and how the two still coexist in such perilous times.” ~ Nathan McClure

The Necrogenesis Tour 2018

The Necrogenesis National Tour & Crowdfunding drive

30 November @ The Music Kitchen, Port Elizabeth
With: Creating The Godform, Rhakshah, Monolith & All We’ve Known

01 December @ Rumours Rock City, Johannesburg
With: Creating The Godform, Rhakshah, Riddlebreak, Bleeding Spawn, Insidious Reign, Deadline & Hypergiant A.E.

02 December @ Warriors, Bloemfontein
With: Creating The Godform, Rhakshah & Posthumous

07 December @ Mercury Live, Cape Town
With: Creating The Godform, Rhakshah, Megalodon, Treehouse Burning & Last One Alive

Tickets can be acquired in advance via Quicket, or at the door at each venue.

At this time, Rhakshah is also in the midst of it’s crowdfunding campaign to finance these goals. Fans are encouraged to take advantage of some rewards offered in exchange for a little financial backing to get Rhakshah on the road and the album completed up to the standards its members are aspiring to. To help them out, follow this link.

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