Robyn Ferguson: solo EP, Alizarin, on its way

Robyn Ferguson 2019 Alizarin EP art

Pretoria, South Africa: front-lady extraordinaire, Robyn Ferguson, is more than just a fierce presence behind the microphone. Also known for her vocal antics in the all-lady metal tribute band Sistas of Metal, Robyn’s prowess with the guitar and voice has been well demonstrated for years with Adorned in Ash. Moreover, also on the rock theater stages in recent times where she performed as part of a Guns’n Roses tribute tour.

Today, Robyn unveils some of the detail behind yet another layer of her musical endeavours; a solo project. Robyn Ferguson will release her debut solo EP, titled Alizarin, within the first half of 2019. Today, we’re shown the cover artwork and offered a little context about this avenue for the Ibanez endorsed guitarist.


With Alizarin, Robyn focuses entirely on every element of the creative process herself. She tells us that we shouldn’t expect anything too similar from this upcoming four-track EP to what we’ve come to know her for.

“I know this may surprise a few of you, but know that this is my heart; my everything; all laid bare for the wold to hear. Literally everything on this has been composed and recorded myself and it’s currently an instrumental work covering numerous genres. Where will it go? Well, I’ll leave that open to your imagination.” ~ Robyn Ferguson

Robyn tells us that some influences which will likely translate on this work include Nita Strauss, Polyphia and djenty or progressive grooves. With all of the songs being instrumental, one might wonder about the title and what motivates it:

“All the songs tell one big story and tie into the ‘Alizarin’ theme. Each song will have its own artwork and each artwork relates to a song. The logo is the chemical compound for alizarin; an organic compound hat has been used throughout history as a prominent red dye and is among my favourite colours.” ~ Robyn Ferguson

Apart from Robyn’s work, the indelible Clinton Watts will place finishing touches of mixing and mastering to Alizarin for some final sheen.

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