Testosteruins: Suffering Masculinity artwork and track list

Testosteruins 2019 Suffering Masculinity EP artwork

Cape Town, South Africa: today we’re acknowledging the transcontinental Death Metal collaboration known as Testosteruins. From South Africa, Bloodbarf and former Junkyard Lipstick vocalist Jo Marie Smit is back in the spotlight with her brutal vocals and unbridled passion. On the Northern end of the continent, from Tunisia, instrumentalist Heny Maatar of Fusam completes the potent duo.

“We play a blend of massive grooves and solemn melodies, as we spit iconoclastic lyrics that speak for the oppressed and stand against the persistent plague of patriarchy.” ~ Heny Maatar

Whilst still in the final phases of completing its debut work, Testosteruins maintains an active presence since introducing itself in March of 2018. An interesting approach included that the founding member, Heny, set the stage for the theme of the band, but invited collaborations to complete lyrics which could express the theme.

With final touches underway on the work, an EP by the title of Suffering Masculinity will be released later in 2019.

Testosteruins Heny and Jo Marie

“Testosteruins carries an artistic and a lyrical statement, as we believe misogyny and patriarchal doctrines are the root of all evil and decay of ancient and modern human society. Every sick institution including religious ones, feed on this civilizational pathology of phallocentrism, sexism and gender based hatred.” ~ Heny Maatar

More detailed information about the band and its collaborators is available at the official Testosteruins website, and more will come as it is still under development.

Suffering Masculinity

If the band’s name doesn’t spell it out already, Testosteruins describes itself as “Anti-macho African Death Metal”. Moreover, we are given a preview of what can be expected with Suffering Masculinity as offered with a preview of its cover art, song titles, and even aural teasers:

01- ‘The Injector’
02- ‘Fuck Sharafuck!’
03- ‘AniMale’
04- ‘Suffering Masculinity’

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