The Fallen Prophets: new album art reveal

The Fallen Prophets 2020 Relentless Killing Motivation

Cape Town, South Africa: local Wacken Metal Battle SA finalist for this year, The Fallen Prophets, is gearing up for an album launch. The members are celebrating the album artwork reveal for Relentless Killing Motivation.

Relentless Killing Motivation: out on 29 February, 2020

The Fallen Prophets is preparing for an album launch tour early in 2020. The first live performance date will be in Gauteng, to coincide with the digital release on 29 February. Cape Town dates will follow on 5 and 6 March.

“This time we decided to do a tour for our album launch since we have so much to showcase. The band has grown and we are not the same The Fallen Prophets as we were even one year ago. We’ve stepped up the game with regards to music as well as appearance as everything else. We’re truly proud of the whole art that we have put together for our fans and we hope that they will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the process of bringing the final product to hand.” ~ Francois van der Merwe (guitar/vocals, The Fallen Prophets)

The artwork for Relentless Killing Motivation is the work of Italian artist, Alberto Filipponi . Francois commends the artist for his interpretation of the lyrical themes contained within the songs on Relentless Killing Motivation; a telling of the exploits of the notorious serial killer Andrew Mane, who claimed possession to explain his killings.

The track listing is as follows:

  • 01- The Possession of Andrew Mane
  • 02- Relentless Killing Motivation
  • 03- Wrong Turn
  • 04- Mutilation of Flesh
  • 05- The Vessel of Man
  • 06- Nothing to Kill Nothing to Feed on
  • 07- Stench of Death
  • 08- Voice of Murder
  • 09- Into Darkness
  • 10- Killing Spree
  • 11- Slaughtered (Bonus Track)

More details on the tour will follow in the coming weeks, along with a music video release on 20 November. Watch this space!

The Fallen Prophets 2020 press photograph