Vulvodynia: album art, SummerFest’19, and another EU tour

Vulvodynia 2019 Mob Justice

Johannesburg, South Africa: Africa’s champion slam act Vulvodynia reveals the stunning artwork for it’s forthcoming album: Mob Justice.

To be released by Czech Republic’s Lacerated Enemy Records, Mob Justice is Vulvodynia‘s third studio full length album. The actual releases date has yet to be announced, but a track list was displayed along with the artwork yesterday.

Mob Justice

The residual from Psychosadistic Design, Vulvodynia‘s last album, still lingers strong as the band continues international touring; though a fresh injection of brutality is soon to be at hand. In this new work, Vulvodynia veers towards a new thematic direction from previously favoured topics. Whilst enjoying more shows outside of African borders than inside of them, Vulvodynia is finally ready to bring a dose of its African origins to the world. As all things done by this band, it takes a hard look at the brutal side of life.

“Instead of following up on the murder themes of Psychosadistic or the Alien themes of Finis we are basing each song around the horrors we face in our day to day lives in South Africa. We will leave no stone un-turned as we expose you to everything VILE that Africa has to offer from our Drug Epidemics to our Mob Justice Killings to our Corrupt Government! All will be revealed… You will witness the true beast that is Africa.” ~ Duncan Bentley (vocals, Vulvodynia)

The Mob Justice artwork, delivered by Czech artist Jakub N. Rusek, is steeped in symbolism. A mighty lion – a symbol of Africa, and often referred to as “King of the Jungle” – lays as a carcass, stripped of it’s flesh, dignity and symbols of status, whilst hungry vultures devour all. This provocative artwork can be interpreted in any number of ways.

Mob Justice – tack listing

01. Feast
02. Mob Justice
03. Blood Diamond
04. Born Into Filth
05. Famine
06. Echoes Of The Motherland
07. Nyaope
08. Reclaim The Crown Part I: The Burning Kingdom
09. Reclaim The Crown Part II: Risen From Ash
10. Cultural Misogyny

SummerFest'19 poster design, feat. Vulvodynia, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, Adorned in Ash, Bulletscript, Woltemade, Halvar, Southern Death Culture, Haiven - hosted by metal4africa

Vulvodynia live at SummerFest’19, plus another EU Tour in May

Vulvodynia returns to Cape Town for the first time since 2016 to perform at metal4africa‘s own SummerFest’19 festival on 02 February. Catch them live alongside Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, Bulletscript, Adorned in Ash, Woltemade and more. Follow the facebook event page for full details and regular updates.

In May, the band heads once more to Europe for a comprehensive two week tour with Fit For An Autopsy, joining fellow brutal acts Venom Prison and Justice for The Damned.

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Vulvodynia 2019 Fit For An Autopsy EU Tour