Zombies Ate My Girlfriend: artwork, new album announced

Zombies ate my girlfriend - Shun the reptile

Cape Town, South Africa: long awaited news finally arrives! Zombies Ate My Girlfriend is poised to release it’s second album following a very successful album cycle for its 2015 Retocide debut full length. In fact, the follow-up, titled Shun The Reptile, is available for pre-orders effective immediately. Release date is set for 02 November 2018.

for those who might still require an introduction, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend is one of SA’s hardhitters. Having established itself firmly on local soil, the band went on to compete in – and win – the international Wacken Metal Battle competition in 2016. Other accomplishments include local support for international visitors to South Africa such as Protest the Hero, Darkest Hour, 36 Crazyfists, Monuments, August Burns Red, Unearth and DevilDriver.

Shun The Reptile: a matter of introspection

Indeed, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend is known for savagely powerful modern Metal; but also for having a somewhat outspoken point of view. Much of its earlier material examines politics, religion, and other forms of institutionalized thinking in a blunt and unforgiving way. The mastermind behind much of the band’s creative output, explains the artwork representing this new work:

“The artwork sees us revisiting the artist behind our first release, Brendon Barnard. As much as is possible we try to keep the entire production of our releases within a very tight-knit circle. We of course meet new talents along the way, but it’s always good to keep what works on board. We wanted to do a twist on the typical ‘amalgamation of gore’ type of imagery, usually associated with your more extreme sub genres of metal. The theme is pretty obvious. Introspection. The lyrics are some of the best we’ve done to date, and we wanted that personal theme to be represented visually.” ~ Adriano Rodrigues (Guitar, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend)

For those who might recall, Brendon Barnard is not a stranger to the Cape Town scene. Besides being frontman in an earlier band with Adriano (21st Century Tragedy), Brendan is also responsible for other artworks, such as the cover for Megalodon‘s Darkness in Sonance.

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend 2018 press by Laura McCullagh
Zombies Ate My Girlfriend: photograph by Laura McCullagh

More album info

Album track list:

1. ‘The Worst Is Yet to Come’
2. ‘Nothing Can Save You’
3. ‘Autoriot’
4. ‘Immolation’
5. ‘Shun the Reptile’
6. ‘Van Eck’
7. ‘Go Fuck Yourself’
8. ‘Icarus’

Get your pre-order via Zombies Ate My Girlfriend Bandcamp page or iTunes. The band is also planning live launch dates in both Cape Town and Johannesburg during November, so do keep an eye on metal4africa or Zombies Ate My Girlfriend social media pages.

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