DeamHorth: Spiritual Serpent [Review]

DeamHorth 2018 Spiritual Serpent

Johannesburg, South Africa: DeamHorth is about to release its anticipated new album, Spiritual Serpent, in the first week of July. It’s an impressive body of work, and as I was listening to it, I was finding it hard to believe that this band is made up of just two members.

The playing on both the guitars and the drums is damn near flawless, and band members Dean Barreto and Greg Coles take the opportunity to showcase real flare with their instruments here; plus the production quality is amazing.

The fact that this album is purely instrumental does not take anything away from the enjoyment of it. While I could easily imagine a vocalist with a style similar to that of Nils K. Rue from Pagan’s Mind guest starring on one or two of the tracks, the lack of vocals actually makes it easier to fully absorb and appreciate the music and the passion behind it.

Spiritual Serpent in detail

Their single, ‘Masterkey to the world‘, comes across as a fantasy epic, with guitar riffs and runs that left me almost breathless, and very sharp drumming. Choosing this track as their first official single gives you a proper taste of what to expect on the album – epic melodies, head-banging rhythms and technical prowess.

Some songs (such as ‘Spiritual Serpent’) do have a touch of Devin Townsend meets Dream Theatre, which I really enjoyed. ‘Trancendence’ briefly veers away from the high tempo trend of the other songs, and is honestly one of my favourite songs on the album. It’s a sensual, bass-heavy, hip-winding song that is sexy as fuck. The segue into ‘Celestial Being’ is a little abrupt, which is my only complaint.

‘Horus Heresy pt1’ has a somewhat Star Wars sound for me, which I’m going to attribute to the Egyptian twist on the guitar, and pairs up beautifully with ‘Horus Heresy pt2’ to close out the album.

Overall, I’m highly impressed – not only is the album technically good, it’s creative and spans various genres. If you’re in the Johannesburg area, I strongly recommend that you attend the official album launch on 7 July 2018 at The National School of Arts Theater where you can experience both their EP ‘Serenity Sanctum’ and ‘Spiritual Serpent’ being played live.

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