Artwork reveals, be they for albums, promising upcoming events, or any other metal-related interests.

The Drift 2019 Seer

The Drift: ‘Seer’ art reveal, plus new song ‘Day One’ Johannesburg, South Africa: local Sludge Metal puts a shiny foot forward with The Drift this week....
The Fallen Prophets 2020 Relentless Killing Motivation

The Fallen Prophets: new album art reveal

Cape Town, South Africa: local Wacken Metal Battle SA finalist for this year, The Fallen Prophets, is...
Robyn Ferguson 2020 Falling Forward

Robyn Ferguson: new 2020 album announced

Falling Forward, art reveal and pre-orders now open. Cape Town, South Africa: the...
Robyn Ferguson 2019 Alizarin EP art

Robyn Ferguson: solo EP, Alizarin, on its way

Pretoria, South Africa: front-lady extraordinaire, Robyn Ferguson, is more than just a fierce presence behind the microphone. Also known for her vocal antics...
Woltemade 2019 Siele vir die See

Woltemade: Siele vir die See, album launch at SummerFest’19

Cape Town, South Africa: we wrote our first item on Woltemade when the band announced its Fragments of Lore coastal tour late last year;...
Deadline 2020 Cathedral Point

Deadline: album art, release date for Cathedral Point

Deadline prepares to release a brand new album, Cathedral Point, on 20 June, 2020.
Bulletscript 2019 Enemy

Bulletscript: new song ‘Enemy’, SummerFest’19 and EP

Cape Town, South Africa: the Metal groove-masters at Bulletscript are unveiling the first single from Enemy today; an upcoming EP from the band for...