Artwork reveals, be they for albums, promising upcoming events, or any other metal-related interests.

Subject To Slaughter 2016 Eschatology

Subject To Slaughter EP launch approaches

Cape Town, South Africa: back home from their first intercity tour to Johannesburg where they also competed in the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa,...
Lelahell 2016 Alif album art

Lelahell: ‘Alif’ artwork revealed

Algiers, Algeria: currently in studio with the recording of their second album Alif, Lelahell have released the album artwork which has been created by...
SacriFist Tyranny 2016

SacriFist: reveal details on Tyranny album release

South Africa's longest standing metal act, Gauteng-based SacriFist, have released details on their current status and preparations for 2016. Including an album launch...