Opinion based or special focus articles. Many of these may not specifically considered as “breaking news”, but of special interest nonetheless.

Raptorbaby, 2015 press

Interview: Raptorbaby pre-Arts Expo chat

Pretoria, South Africa: the much anticipated ninth edition of Emalyth's Arts Expo - this year tag-titled Nine Lives - looms near. Emalyth coordinated...

Mind Assault: new album art, new face on stage

Cape Town, South Africa: more than fifteen years and Mind Assault still has a few tricks up...
LordBoo Metal Extravaganza 2016

LordBoo Metal Extravaganza: interview

Middelburg, South Africa: the "super-fans" who power South African metal can often be found as coming from the smaller towns otherwise thought of...

Lord Doom’s Top 10 of 2013

Let me start off by saying that this list was hard to put together. 2013 has been such a fantastic year for metal with old and new bands releasing absolutely stellar albums, I've been like a kid in a candy store. Only a few disappointments reared their ugly heads and were quickly forgotten about in the wave of fantastic tunes

A South African Mosh Pit: Fan Video

The 'Mosh Pit' is probably THE most misunderstood phenomenon of heavy metal sub-culture and is often taken completely out of context by onlookers unfamiliar...
SAMMA 2017

The SAMMA Chronicles 2017: The Accolades

Johannesburg, South Africa: It is a big accolade for a band to be nominated in any one of the categories for the annual SAMMA...

Boargazm Interview – “The Oracle told us to do it like this”

Hail Bacon(!), the signature line of intergalactic space metal band Boargazm, is a slogan well known to many metal heads in South Africa. We caught up with the Pig Whisperers to find out more about the history of the band, upcoming shows and their plans for the future.

Pre-WinterFest’14 interview with Animus Fall

Author: Ryno de Lange Website of origin: Heavy Metal Panic Band: Animus Fall Band member: Joel Dickson (Vocals) This interview was conducted by Ryno de Lange of Heavy...

Crow Black Sky: Launching of Pantheion

With the coming of Crow Black Sky's debut album launch this coming Saturday (18 Dec, 2010) at ROAR in Observatory, Cape Town, we thought it a nice opportunity to have a chat with the guys. Besides introducing this relatively new name on the scene to our readers, we wanted to also acquire a little insight into what we can expect from the album, 'Pantheion'.

Kill Frenzy: crossing borders on first tour

Cape Town, South Africa: 2018 circuit beast Kill Frenzy is outgrowing the city limits. The four-man thrash/punk metal onslaught is readying itself for...