Opinion based or special focus articles. Many of these may not specifically considered as “breaking news”, but of special interest nonetheless.

The Fallen Prophets 2016 press picture

The SAMMA Scripts: some of the best

Johannesburg, South Africa: Following on from an introduction to the Top Newcomers to the SA Metal Scene, let’s take the opportunity to get to...

The Necrogenesis Tour: Creating The Godform & Rhakshah

Cape Town, South Africa: two fresh and lively acts are working hard to impress a national footprint on the South African extreme Metal scene....

Photo Essay: Lamb of God, Johannesburg, South Africa

Lamb of God tore South Africa a new one last week and while some of us are still reeling, others want to do it all again (and again and again and again...). Unfortunately we can't get Lamb of God to stay, but we can offer you this great photo essay of the band's Johannesburg performance, courtesy of David "Devo" Oosthuizen.
Pyjama Planet 2016 logo image

Pyjama Planet: Came To Build 2017

Cape Town, South Africa: it's not too often that something bizarrely refreshing hits our local metal scene. Often (too often), the emphasis of...
Mistress of Mischief

Mistress of Mischief: encourages crowd activities for WF20 online festival

https://youtu.be/O5D94YYbH3g The Mistress of Mischief and M4A invite you to be part of the action this WinterFest'20,...

Top 5 Tuesday – Thomas Theron

Top Five Tuesday is where we ask a local musician to talk us through the five tracks that have been blowing their mind lately. Despite a crazy day in the office and Lord Doom completely forgetting to tend to this particular beast, Thomas Theron, the vocalist of progressive djent-heads Megalodon has rescued things with a timely email. Without further ado, here are his Top 5 while Lord Doom is sent to the shame corner!
Hellington 2016

Open the gates, Hellington awaits!

Wellington, South Africa: this sleepy agricultural village, only just far enough outside of Cape Town city boundaries to often be overlooked as a...
Megalodon promo picture

Megalodon: The Prophets of Dark Science

From the idyllic setting of a traditionally styled English pub, located near South Africa's Cape Town, we set out on an unlikely journey to explore vast expanses of uncharted science and cosmic mystique. My travel companions included Ruan Jordaan (guitarist) and Thomas Theron (vocalist) of the city's eight-stringed metal phenomenon, Megalodon. With the launch of their debut album only days away, it was time to learn more about the bands origins and to discover what energies have driven Ruan, Thomas, and their band mates, to this point in time and space.
Arka'n 2019 Zã Keli

Arka’n: Zã Keli album launch this weekend

Lomé, Togo: incredibly, it's the first time we're writing about Arka'n even in spite of following the band for years! incidentally, rock music enjoys...
Tesseract SA tour by Turning Tricks Entertainment

Cooking up a taste for Progressive in Africa

Authored by: Doug Jenkinson From the editor: Doug Jenkinson, also guitarist for Johannesburg Prog/Metal band Raptorbaby, shares some insightful views on the development of genres...