Opinion based or special focus articles. Many of these may not specifically considered as “breaking news”, but of special interest nonetheless.

V.O.D: A post-reunion tour ’09 interview…

If you were present at one of V.O.D's 10 Year Re-union shows, then you most certainly were at the best place possible at that time. Simply because, if you were not yet born in the year of 1982, then it is highly unlikey that you were old enough to witness a chapter in the forging of a South African metal scene - and this tour was your only opportuninty to travel through time and visit that special place in our metal history and legacy!
Terminatryx 2017 Sonja Medusa

Terminatryx: 15 Year Anniversary concert

Cape Town, South Africa: Industrial Rock/Metal band Terminatryx will celebrate its 15 Year Anniversary this weekend at ROAR Live. Fellow locals With Dawn, Khemical...
Heavy Metal Africa 2016 Edward Banchs

Heavy Metal Africa: books ship today!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: today is not only a big day for those of us metalheads and music creators living in sub-Saharan Africa, but also for...

Riddare Av Koden: Steven and the Finns

METAL4AFRICA brings an account of the recent Ensiferum tour to South Africa as a conversation piece between two locals: Tyranic Assault (official tour photographer) and Steven (Keyboardist for Riddare Av Koden). Words by Andre Venter of Tyranic Assault, on behalf of M4A

Boargazm Interview – “The Oracle told us to do it like this”

Hail Bacon(!), the signature line of intergalactic space metal band Boargazm, is a slogan well known to many metal heads in South Africa. We caught up with the Pig Whisperers to find out more about the history of the band, upcoming shows and their plans for the future.

RAMFEST: partnership with metal4africa is back!

Cape Town, South Africa: we're thrilled to be back in business with RAM. As announced earlier...
DevilDriver 2016

DevilDriver: announced for Witchfest 2017

Cape Town, South Africa: local concert promoter Witchdoctor Productions have announced USA's DevilDriver as headliner for it's prized Witchfest festival brand. Witchfest enjoys a long...

Top 5 Tuesday – Thomas Theron

Top Five Tuesday is where we ask a local musician to talk us through the five tracks that have been blowing their mind lately. Despite a crazy day in the office and Lord Doom completely forgetting to tend to this particular beast, Thomas Theron, the vocalist of progressive djent-heads Megalodon has rescued things with a timely email. Without further ado, here are his Top 5 while Lord Doom is sent to the shame corner!
Antonio Manuel ROAR Gandalf's Tranchtown

Who stands Guardianship over Cape Town metal?

There are many names and faces who, over the years, may or may not have been eligible to such a title. Even today,...
Attila RAM Metal4africa giveaway mercury live free tickets meet and greet

Attila: metal4africa partners with Mercury for CT Giveaway

https://youtu.be/00T5-OLdjno Cape Town, South Africa: There has been plenty excitement surrounding all the fantastic exports landing on our shores recently and we have an exciting announcement pertaining to...