Undivided Legion 2017

Undivided Legion: gathered to withstand the storm

Albertinia, South Africa: this small village in the Eden District of the Western Cape, found en route from Cape Town to Mossel Bay, has...
Dividing The Element press 2015

African Metal: Zimbabwe adds a voice to the rising crescendo

What does it mean if it is called 'African Metal'? To most, this means only that a band originates from within the geography of continental...

A Familiar Face Graces Swedish Doom Metal Band, Draconian

Darkfiend caught up with this South African vocalist on a recent trip back into the country to tie up some loose ends before returning to Sweden.

2015: Is South African Metal Doomed?

Is South African Metal Doomed? Well, according to a pair of activists behind the newly-launched organization labelled The League Of Doom, Justin Bedford...
SummerFest'15 image by Laura McCullagh

The SAMMA 2017 Chronicles: full metal action on stage and screen

Johannesburg, South Africa: Fists in the air and flying hair. Nothing - absolutely nothing - trumps the live experience at a Metal show. ...

South Africa’s Wacken Metal Battle: Judging criteria revealed

As July approaches its end, so does the legendary and mighty Wacken Open Air festival in Germany begin to loom on the horizon. Some...

Sexuality in art form, and it’s occurrence in South African metal.

Somebody recently opened up a can of worms! We have come under fire for hosting an act at our Metal4 Africa events that is hotly debated at being untasteful and outright wrong... Herewith this article in response, giving an insight into our actions, future plans, and an opportunity to share comment.
M4A WinterFest'16 with Jamrock and School Of Rock

M4A decennial celebration: music lessons!

Cape Town, South Africa: whilst preparations are underway at www.metal4africa.com headquarters to leap the decennial milestone of ten years, there is a fresh focus...

METAL4AFRICA at RAMfest 2013

As is already well known, Cape Town's beloved festival, RAMfest will be returning to its original full weekend format in 2013. Furthermore, the next year will also see RAMfest introducing its first full weekend installment at the the Gauteng leg of the event tour. Since this website is dedicated to the metalheads of Africa, we're going to focus in on what this means to our community specifically and what can be expected from RAMfest in 2013.

Brutalviking’s Top 11 of 2013 (He broke the rules again)

This is very much a pan-global top eleven, let it not be said that I'm some kind of Scandinavian elitist. Okay, maybe a little, but that's hardly my own fault. Right, here it is, my top eleven albums of 2013.