“It’s just going to be a lot tougher for bands” – Interview with Sashquita...

Built on one woman's vision for metal, arts and culture, Emalyth has become a force to be reckoned with. Solely responsible for events that have become annual highlights up North, booking and arranging gigs & tours, mini-festivals and managing some of the fittest models and talented artists, Emalyth is one of a kind. Sashquita Northey is one of a kind.

Local venue offers R5000 cash to one local metal band!

Beloved to Cape Town metalheads is their "last stand" position at 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory. Known either as Gandalfs or ROAR, depending...

South Africa’s Wacken Metal Battle: Judging criteria revealed

As July approaches its end, so does the legendary and mighty Wacken Open Air festival in Germany begin to loom on the horizon. Some...

A South African Mosh Pit: Fan Video

The 'Mosh Pit' is probably THE most misunderstood phenomenon of heavy metal sub-culture and is often taken completely out of context by onlookers unfamiliar...

Lord Doom’s Top 10 of 2013

Let me start off by saying that this list was hard to put together. 2013 has been such a fantastic year for metal with old and new bands releasing absolutely stellar albums, I've been like a kid in a candy store. Only a few disappointments reared their ugly heads and were quickly forgotten about in the wave of fantastic tunes

Brutalviking’s Top 11 of 2013 (He broke the rules again)

This is very much a pan-global top eleven, let it not be said that I'm some kind of Scandinavian elitist. Okay, maybe a little, but that's hardly my own fault. Right, here it is, my top eleven albums of 2013.

Infanteria, South Africa Wishes You Well in Germany

It has already been more than a month since the winner of South Africa's Wacken Metal Battle was decided in the early hours of Sunday morning on June 16, so it seemed pointless to ask how Chris Hall, main man of Cape Town thrash metal outfit Infanteria, and his band mates felt about the local victory. However, we did ask about

A Familiar Face Graces Swedish Doom Metal Band, Draconian

Darkfiend caught up with this South African vocalist on a recent trip back into the country to tie up some loose ends before returning to Sweden.

METAL4AFRICA at RAMfest 2013

As is already well known, Cape Town's beloved festival, RAMfest will be returning to its original full weekend format in 2013. Furthermore, the next year will also see RAMfest introducing its first full weekend installment at the the Gauteng leg of the event tour. Since this website is dedicated to the metalheads of Africa, we're going to focus in on what this means to our community specifically and what can be expected from RAMfest in 2013.

Top 5 Tuesday – Thomas Theron

Top Five Tuesday is where we ask a local musician to talk us through the five tracks that have been blowing their mind lately. Despite a crazy day in the office and Lord Doom completely forgetting to tend to this particular beast, Thomas Theron, the vocalist of progressive djent-heads Megalodon has rescued things with a timely email. Without further ado, here are his Top 5 while Lord Doom is sent to the shame corner!