The Alpha Sequence by Keets Design

The Alpha Sequence: on their way to build

Cape Town, South Africa: Thundering onto the live scene in 2015, The Alpha Sequence are taking no prisoners with their metal onslaught. We...

Inferium: A Softer Side to Hard…

We recently took the time to track down one of Southern Africa's more unique offerings.
Atlantic South at WCTB16: courtesy of Keets Designs & Photography

Atlantic South: Came To Build 2017

Cape Town, South Africa: local band Atlantic South is well known for it's compelling blend between Metal and Metalcore, and now has it's collective...

Mind Assault: new album art, new face on stage

Cape Town, South Africa: more than fifteen years and Mind Assault still has a few tricks up...
Facing The Gallows 2018 Dead Minset album art

Facing The Gallows: Dead Mindset review

Johannesburg, South Africa: we've been enjoying the privilege of early access to a much anticipated release. Facing The Gallows' debut full length album,...

Riddare Av Koden: Steven and the Finns

METAL4AFRICA brings an account of the recent Ensiferum tour to South Africa as a conversation piece between two locals: Tyranic Assault (official tour photographer) and Steven (Keyboardist for Riddare Av Koden). Words by Andre Venter of Tyranic Assault, on behalf of M4A

A Saintly Act – Saint’s Method

I was ambling around as the afternoon bands had started, not really expecting much, as it seemed that most people had opted for an early evening nap before the debauchery launched into night two - Surely these are just the warm up acts? Wrong. Totally. Wrong.

Balyios – A Journey Homeward

What is best in life? Crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and having a tankard of beer with your fellows, before returning to the pit of guttural blasting consumes you once more!
Dividing The Element press 2015

African Metal: Zimbabwe adds a voice to the rising crescendo

What does it mean if it is called 'African Metal'? To most, this means only that a band originates from within the geography of continental...

V.O.D: A post-reunion tour ’09 interview…

If you were present at one of V.O.D's 10 Year Re-union shows, then you most certainly were at the best place possible at that time. Simply because, if you were not yet born in the year of 1982, then it is highly unlikey that you were old enough to witness a chapter in the forging of a South African metal scene - and this tour was your only opportuninty to travel through time and visit that special place in our metal history and legacy!