Mind Assault staying the course

On the eve of WinterFest'10, just three weeks away and the line-up already well known, it was my duty to start chasing down some of the bands to gather interviews. I finally got the boys of Mind Assault cornered so that they could give me the low down on the scene and it's movements as seen from their point of view.

Crow Black Sky: Launching of Pantheion

With the coming of Crow Black Sky's debut album launch this coming Saturday (18 Dec, 2010) at ROAR in Observatory, Cape Town, we thought it a nice opportunity to have a chat with the guys. Besides introducing this relatively new name on the scene to our readers, we wanted to also acquire a little insight into what we can expect from the album, 'Pantheion'.
Bile of Man

A Never-Ending Battle With No Resolve – Interview with Bile of Man

For a band who thinks "Humanity is a disease that deserves to be wiped out," and whose opinion is that "Human nature can be...
Facing The Gallows 2018 Dead Minset album art

Facing The Gallows: Dead Mindset review

Johannesburg, South Africa: we've been enjoying the privilege of early access to a much anticipated release. Facing The Gallows' debut full length album,...

Pre-WinterFest’14 interview with Strident

Author: Darkfiend Website of origin: metal4africa Band: Strident Band member: Deon Van Heerden (Vocals) This article was written following an interview conducted by Darkfiend of metal4africa in cooperation...

Octainium: A Prophecy Awakens

And just how is it that a spark struck in Wales, some 13,000 kilometers away, can ignite a flame which is now burning bright in Gauteng, South Africa?
Zombies Ate My Girlfriend on stage at Wacken 2016

Interview: Zombies Ate My Girlfriend pre-Arts Expo & SF17

Cape Town, South Africa: with the much anticipated ninth edition of Emalyth's Arts Expo - this year tag-titled Nine Lives - looming near, as...
Fleshgod Apocalypse

We Compose, Write and Play Music We Like – Interview with Fleshgod Apocalypse

Wednesday the 28th of March saw Fleshgod Apocalypse hit Cape Town on the fourth date of the eight day Detonation Tour 2012 and...
Peasant 2016 press - by Jurie Neethling

Peasant: Came To Build 2017

Cape Town, South Africa: The weekend is upon us and we took the time to chat with one last participant in tomorrow's all-ages-welcome concert...

Ill System to perform reunion show in Cape Town

Ironically, one of South Africa's more iconic metal bands in terms of musical identity, Ill System were acclaimed more widely abroad than here at...