Opinion based or special focus articles. Many of these may not specifically considered as “breaking news”, but of special interest nonetheless.

Who the ‘Freak’ is Mattias?

On behalf of M4A, Tyrannic Assault went in pursuit of this legendary guitar meistro from Sweden during his SA visit. Although there was no time to conduct an interview during that time, Mattias welcomed an interview via email.

Stocking up on whoop-ass for Whiplash!

With one of Cape Town metal's most premier calendar dates just days away, we decided to go in and get some inside info on WHIPLASH

Riddare Av Koden: Steven and the Finns

METAL4AFRICA brings an account of the recent Ensiferum tour to South Africa as a conversation piece between two locals: Tyranic Assault (official tour photographer) and Steven (Keyboardist for Riddare Av Koden). Words by Andre Venter of Tyranic Assault, on behalf of M4A

Who is The Face of Emalyth?

Whilst "on the road" during the M4A 2010 Promo Tour via Johannesburg, we were fortunate enough to squeeze in a few meetings with some interesting players in the local metal community... one of which was Emalyth! The purpose of our visit was to discover more about what Emalyth represents - to meet the team - and to explore the bigger picture behind this growing entity that now forms a part of the South African alternative landscape. Since that day we have remained in touch and would now like to share some of what we've learned, and how Emalyth and M4A hold many of the same ideals and common goals...

Bishop on a Quest of Musical Enlightenment

We caught up with William Bishop on August 7th, at this years Oppikoppi Festival. It was hard to pin him down... between the 5 stage appearances he was committed to with various bands and musicians, but we found him eventually. Best known amongst Metallers as the rowdy bassist for Architechture Of Aggression, William reveals to us some of his other musical pursuits and philosophies...

Mind Assault staying the course

On the eve of WinterFest'10, just three weeks away and the line-up already well known, it was my duty to start chasing down some of the bands to gather interviews. I finally got the boys of Mind Assault cornered so that they could give me the low down on the scene and it's movements as seen from their point of view.

Sexuality in art form, and it’s occurrence in South African metal.

Somebody recently opened up a can of worms! We have come under fire for hosting an act at our Metal4 Africa events that is hotly debated at being untasteful and outright wrong... Herewith this article in response, giving an insight into our actions, future plans, and an opportunity to share comment.

Azrail – A Headlining Act

After almost three years of continuous hard gigging and busting balls, Azrail have developed quite a loyal following.  So much so that the Metal...


Another South African band creating a stir of late has been Erebus!  M4A's Candice set out to hunt them down after being bedazzled by...

V.O.D: A post-reunion tour ’09 interview…

If you were present at one of V.O.D's 10 Year Re-union shows, then you most certainly were at the best place possible at that time. Simply because, if you were not yet born in the year of 1982, then it is highly unlikey that you were old enough to witness a chapter in the forging of a South African metal scene - and this tour was your only opportuninty to travel through time and visit that special place in our metal history and legacy!