Opinion based or special focus articles. Many of these may not specifically considered as “breaking news”, but of special interest nonetheless.

Moment Of Clarity: A New “Power” Rising…

After a sterling performance at M4A's very own SummerFest'09 in January, it seemed only appropriate to get to know the band Moment Of Clarity just a little bit better. We also quizzed them about a few matters regarding the role of cross over metal in a sustainable metal scene.

Windhoek Metal Fest: In a class of it’s own

In 2008, the Darkfiend made his first journey from Cape Town up into the South West of Africa. The country of destination: Namibia. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Namibia for a great many reasons. Not least of all, the fact that the country sports some of the worlds best game hunting ranches, breathtaking scenery that borders on surreal, or even just a getaway for people who really desire some space and an escape from civilzation! However, a small trickling of visitors make their way for a completely different reason - Heavy Metal!!!

SACRIFIST: Breaking African Boundaries in 2009

www.metal4africa.com recently had an opportunity to catch up with one of South Africa's longest standing titans of their local heavy metal movement. Entertaining South African metalheads for well over a decade, SacriFist now stand poised to deliver their ministry of metal to a European audience.

Inferium: A Softer Side to Hard…

We recently took the time to track down one of Southern Africa's more unique offerings.