Opinion based or special focus articles. Many of these may not specifically considered as “breaking news”, but of special interest nonetheless.

Emalyth Big Day Out II

Emalyth: Big Day Out II

Johannesburg, South Africa: "Hate City" finds some heart as metalheads, hard and prog rockers come together for Emalyth's Big Day Out II. The...
Dividing The Element press 2015

African Metal: Zimbabwe adds a voice to the rising crescendo

What does it mean if it is called 'African Metal'? To most, this means only that a band originates from within the geography of continental...
DevilDriver 2016

DevilDriver: announced for Witchfest 2017

Cape Town, South Africa: local concert promoter Witchdoctor Productions have announced USA's DevilDriver as headliner for it's prized Witchfest festival brand. Witchfest enjoys a long...
Riddlebreak 2015

Interview: Riddlebreak pre-Arts Expo

Johannesburg, South Africa: the much anticipated ninth edition of Emalyth's Arts Expo - this year tag-titled Nine Lives - looms near. Emalyth coordinated...

Mind Assault staying the course

On the eve of WinterFest'10, just three weeks away and the line-up already well known, it was my duty to start chasing down some of the bands to gather interviews. I finally got the boys of Mind Assault cornered so that they could give me the low down on the scene and it's movements as seen from their point of view.