Opinion based or special focus articles. Many of these may not specifically considered as “breaking news”, but of special interest nonetheless.

Local venue offers R5000 cash to one local metal band!

Beloved to Cape Town metalheads is their "last stand" position at 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory. Known either as Gandalfs or ROAR, depending...
Cartagena 2018 Roma Delenda Est

Cartagena: Roma Delenda Est [review]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdiTfUvC0qk This five-piece band from Tunisia, Africa recently released its second album Roma Delenda Est; the story of a warrior completing quests during the ancient...

METAL4AFRICA at RAMfest 2013

As is already well known, Cape Town's beloved festival, RAMfest will be returning to its original full weekend format in 2013. Furthermore, the next year will also see RAMfest introducing its first full weekend installment at the the Gauteng leg of the event tour. Since this website is dedicated to the metalheads of Africa, we're going to focus in on what this means to our community specifically and what can be expected from RAMfest in 2013.
SummerFest'15 image by Laura McCullagh

The SAMMA 2017 Chronicles: full metal action on stage and screen

Johannesburg, South Africa: Fists in the air and flying hair. Nothing - absolutely nothing - trumps the live experience at a Metal show. ...
Tesseract SA tour by Turning Tricks Entertainment

Cooking up a taste for Progressive in Africa

Authored by: Doug Jenkinson From the editor: Doug Jenkinson, also guitarist for Johannesburg Prog/Metal band Raptorbaby, shares some insightful views on the development of genres...
Cape Town Metal 2012

The State of Cape Town Metal as we enter 2012

Metalminded Darkfiend at M4A headquarters in Cape Town offers some reflection on the state of Cape Town metal as we fast approach 2012. He...
Ruff Majik 2018

The SAMMA Scripts 2018: The Audio and the Visual

Johannesburg, South Africa: As South African Metal fans, we live for the live shows, regardless of the size. There are not very many...
Mistress of Mischief

Mistress of Mischief: encourages crowd activities for WF20 online festival

https://youtu.be/O5D94YYbH3g The Mistress of Mischief and M4A invite you to be part of the action this WinterFest'20,...
DevilSpeak DeWet 2017 by Christopher Tatzreither

The SAMMA Chronicles 2017: The Noobs

Johannesburg, South Africa: One of my most favourite experiences as a Metal fan is when you discover something deliciously new on the scene. The...

Photo Essay: Lamb of God, Johannesburg, South Africa

Lamb of God tore South Africa a new one last week and while some of us are still reeling, others want to do it all again (and again and again and again...). Unfortunately we can't get Lamb of God to stay, but we can offer you this great photo essay of the band's Johannesburg performance, courtesy of David "Devo" Oosthuizen.