Overthrust 2017: A Mardi Gras, but for Metalheads

Johannesburg, South Africa: A trip “over the fence” to play at Botswana’s 8th Anniversary Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Festival in the 6000-strong town of...
Alestorm 2019 press

Alestorm: on touring, drinking and being stranded on an island

Alestorm The infamous pirate metal band Alestorm continues its conquest of the seven seas this year while playing metal festivals all over the world. With...
Terminatryx 2018

Terminatryx: Sirens Festival [interview]

Johannesburg, South Africa: in South Africa, Women's Day is celebrated on the 9th of August and the Gauteng Metal scene will be paying respects...
Ruff Majik 5 - Christelle Duvenage Photography

Ruff Majik: living large in Europe

sludge, doom and rock n roll with Ruff Majik Ruff Majik, those lovable purveyors of a very unique brand of sludge doom metal, have been...

What The Hell Have I Done Now – Zombies Ate My Girlfriend Interview

From the opening lines of "Deathworm", the perfect soundtrack to a blasphemous life if ever it needed one, to the very last note of the aggravated themes of turmoil and desperation of the closing song "Robert Carlyle", Zombies Ate My Girlfriend's Patient Zero is a very well directed, un-apologetic, pissed-off musical statement!

The Fire in Hell Never Goes Out – Strage Interview

It is in this world that the instrumental doom bandSTRAGE, fueled by DIY ethics and influenced by bands like Cult of Luna, Pelican and Isis, ventured out to create music void of egos and to record and self-release their debut EP The Fire in Hell as a limited edition CD as well as a free download. I recently had the opportunity to chat to Brandon, Jono and Matt about all things STRAGE and their upcoming Cape Town shows at the end of October.

“Metal Culture and Community Inspires Us” – Killatoria Interview

Killatoria describe themselves as "a thrash band with a death metal edge" - or is it a death metal band with a thrashy edge?...