Jo Marie Smit Junkyard Lipstick 2015

Junkyard Lipstick: Get to know the real Jo

Our regular readers may have noticed that this website has gradually steered more and more away from Q-&-A-styled interviews over the years. We've...
Adrian Langeveld with his Mapex Saturn

Infanteria’s newest member: Adrian Langeveld

An interview conducted by Ryno De Lange of Heavy Metal Panic with Adrian Langeveld of Infanteria. Infanteria, Cape Town titans of thrash metal, first began...

Interview: Raptorbaby – Raptorbrothers in Arms

Raptorbaby are a 5 piece progressive metal band from Pretoria, Gauteng. We recently caught up with them on opening for Canada-based Protest the Hero on their South African tour, gaining a new vocalist, and anticipation for the Emalyth Arts Expo.

Raptorbaby Debut “Atlantis” with a New Vocalist

Gauteng prog metallers, Raptorbaby, announced their new vocalist yesterday on MixFM's "Before the Witching Hour" radio show as seasoned local veteran Vincent Van Niekerk (Mazaru). The band also debuted a brand new track "Atlantis"...

Get Ready for Unearth at Krank’d Up Next Week

We're halfway through September and with just over a week to go until Krank'd Up, we chatted briefly with Unearth vocalist Trevor Phipps. The US-based metalcore monster known as Unearth has been around since 1998 and has five full-length albums to their name, with a sixth on its way!

Protest the Hero Warm’d Up For Krank’d Up

South African metalheads are being spoiled for choice this year with a wide array of international bands having already played the local circuit and many more just around the corner. Krank'd Up Festival is just over a month away and will feature Unearth (USA) and Protest the Hero (CAN) sharing the stage for one night only at Sundowners in Gauteng.

Dreamshade Pre-South Africa Tour 2014 Interview

Interview by David Devo Oosthuizen With thanks to Favour The Brave Agency Thank you for taking the time to chat to me before your...

Anger, Rebellion and Progressive Metal – Raptorbaby Interview

All interviews start with extensive research. You read up bios, google the hell out of the interwebs, read past articles, listen to music on bandcamp or soundcloud until someone notices you're hogging all the bandwidth and yet, I still felt largely unprepared for what I was about to walk into. What did I know of Raptorbaby?

Space Has Never Held Such Terror – Boargazm Interview

Metal4Africa met up with Boargazm main man Heine van der Walt recently to chat about the tour, clear the air on some of the controversy surrounding their music video "Lust" and find out what gives them the energy to keep going.

Unleashed in Gauteng – Suiderbees Interview

Suiderbees are definitely one of Cape Town's favourite bands. They've played with the likes of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Anarchy, Mind Assault, and Wildernessking to name a few. Started in December 2009 by Marc Olwage, the band has gone through a few member changes over the years, but this has not stopped them from creating a unique blend of symphonic death metal. This weekend past the band piled into a cabbed bakkie and hit the road to play their very first Jo'burg gig at the Emalyth Arts Festival in Wolmer.