The Fire in Hell Never Goes Out – Strage Interview

It is in this world that the instrumental doom bandSTRAGE, fueled by DIY ethics and influenced by bands like Cult of Luna, Pelican and Isis, ventured out to create music void of egos and to record and self-release their debut EP The Fire in Hell as a limited edition CD as well as a free download. I recently had the opportunity to chat to Brandon, Jono and Matt about all things STRAGE and their upcoming Cape Town shows at the end of October.

All About Taboo – Bloodbeast

In March this year, death metal fans in South Africa were treated with the second Detonation Tour hosted by Valgar Entertainment, featuring the Italian...

Strident Approves This Message

What do you get when you throw together a post-grad English student, a self-proclaimed sex god, a pirate photographer, a goth, a kid with ADHD, and some guy called Niell? Some would say "an anthropological study" others would yell "Not a deff merrul band!" The answer of course is STRIDENT!

Absolutely No Limits On Our Songwriting – Sindulgence Interview

Sindulgence is a rising star in the local metal scene, which probably has to do with the fact that they are one of the hardest working bands around. They play a unique style of metal that encompasses progressive elements as well as death metal and even some 'core thrown in. In light of their debut Metal4Africa performance at Winterfest in July and their upcoming album launch this weekend, Stentorian got a hold of the sinners and fired off some questions.

From Farm to ‘Force and Beyond – An Interview With ZP Theart

I was scouring the internet and realised that one of South Africa's most famous metal exports is very much under represented locally. From humble...

“Metal Culture and Community Inspires Us” – Killatoria Interview

Killatoria describe themselves as "a thrash band with a death metal edge" - or is it a death metal band with a thrashy edge?...

Interview with In Flames’ Björn Gelotte

With Ramfest only just behind us, In Flames' performances in both Johannesburg and Cape Town are still very fresh in many metalhead's minds.

A Trip Into the Spectral Realm

With the name Spectral Realm popping up on gig guides thoughout Gauteng, I thought it would be a great idea to do an...