Chaos Doctrine Father Grigori Russian Version (Отец Григорий) feat Demether Grail

Chaos Doctrine: Father Grigori, Russian version out today

Johannesburg, South Africa: industrialized thrash/death metal band Chaos Doctrine released a remake of its 'Father Grigori' track...
Ruff Majik 2020 The Devil's Cattle

Ruff Majik: The Devil’s Cattle, out today

Ruff Majik and Mongrel Records released the band's latest album, The Devil's Cattle, via all major streaming platforms today. Physical copies are also available.
SAMMA 2020 South African Metal Music Awards

SAMMA 2020: Public Polls, open until Monday 02 November

Johannesburg, South Africa: 2020 has been a tough year for everybody. And yet we find some...
HOKUM 2020 press photograph

HOKUM: ‘The Caress’ video out now Johannesburg, South Africa: Five years since the band's moving 2015 debut album, The Money Eaters, HOKUM...
Truth Decayed 2020 Modern Day Illusion cover art

Truth Decayed: Modern Day Illusion EP out today

Durban, South Africa: Thrash is back in town! Truth Decayed shows us today with the release...
Code 106 Eradicate

Code 106: Eradicate, new single from upcoming EP

George-based South African rock-metal band Code 106 delivers new single, 'Eradicate' from upcoming EP
Mutable 2020 press image

Mutable: an introduction with [-] Polarity Cape Town, South Africa: a side project by two members of Set For The Sky punches...
Pyjama Planet 2020 Mark Allnutt, 'The Prelude'

Pyjama Planet: ‘The Prelude’ to a wild new epic

Wilderness, South Africa: the instrumental and otherworldly flair of Pyjama Planet is back today with 'The Prelude';...
SummerFest'21 Artwork Preview

SummerFest’21: how it’ll be done

SummerFest'21 artwork created by Luke Stroebel Cape Town, South Africa: at M4A we're ready to share our plan...
Halloween Horror 2020 Rumours Lounge

Rumours Lounge: Halloween Horror 2020

Johannesburg, South Africa: as if 2020 horror in general wasn't enough, Halloween Horror is on its way...