RAMFEST: partnership with metal4africa is back!

Cape Town, South Africa: we're thrilled to be back in business with RAM. As announced earlier...

SummerFest’20: a place for friendship and metal

Cape Town, South Africa: metal4africa's own bi-annual event series is coming back in 2020 with another two...

Listen to the Emalyth Arts Expo 7 Compilation Now!

With just under a month to go till we treat our eyes and ears to the 2015 edition of the Emalyth Arts Expo, the organisers at Emalyth have released a twenty-five track compilation featuring each of the bands performing at the festival, including Theatre Runs Red, Haggis and Bong, Boargazm, Red Helen and Adorned in Ash!
Code 106 Eradicate

Code 106: Eradicate, new single from upcoming EP

George-based South African rock-metal band Code 106 delivers new single, 'Eradicate' from upcoming EP

FANGS Volume III: latest from Mongrel Records

Johannesburg, South Africa: the third edition, FANGS Volume III, is now available from Mongrel Records. The label,...
The Freakquency Transmission 2018 M4A

The Freakquency Transmission: celebrate freak culture

Johannesburg, South Africa: do not feed the carnies, beware of the freaks, do not look the belly dancers in the eye! Good Friday indeed, as...
Testosteruins 2019 Suffering Masculinity EP artwork

Testosteruins: Suffering Masculinity artwork and track list

Cape Town, South Africa: today we're acknowledging the transcontinental Death Metal collaboration known as Testosteruins. From South Africa, Bloodbarf and former Junkyard Lipstick...

Mind Assault: return to Burn Down The Nation

Cape Town, South Africa: one of the Mother City's longest-standing metal bands is rising from a period...
Riddlebreak 2017 band press

Riddlebreak: Weekend roadtripping to Botswana

Johannesburg, South Africa: Botswana’s 8th Anniversary Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Festival is keeping its international connection consistent as Johannesburg's Riddlebreak is added to the...
Father Grigori 2020 Chaos Doctrine

Chaos Doctrine: Father Grigori, music video released

Johannesburg, South Africa: following shortly after the alternative version for 'Father Grigori', Chaos Doctrine delivers a tasty...