Reverse the Sands

Reverse the Sands call it a day

Longstanding Cape Town metal outfit, Reverse the Sands announced the end of the band with the following post to their Facebook page earlier today: It...
Crow Black Sky - Pantheion

Crow Black Sky Limited Free Downloads for Album

Cape Town metallers Crow Black Sky have just announced that they are making their debut album, Pantheion available for free download on their...

Terminatryx Music Video Making Waves on International Shores

It is not uncommon for internationally screened music videos to have been shot in South Africa. Normally, the concept and music is the work...
Shay Kallie of Riddare av Koden

Riddare av Koden main man calls it quits?

On the 22nd of February 2011, reported that Shay Kallie, the frontman and lead guitarist of South African melodic metallers, Riddare av Koden...
Reverse the Sands

Reverse The Sands – looking to the future

After a public announcement by current Reverse The Sands vocalist, Kyle Puller, that he intends to depart from the band soon, the guys assure us that they are here to stay...

Africa falls under Infernal Curse

It is true! It has already begun... Infernal Curse metal band from Argentina arrived in South Africa last night, and will strike at local venues this weekend of 11 & 12 February.

SummerFest’11 ‘registration’ ticket winners

Names of winners announced here - also, see how you can win a Jackson King V at SummerFest'11

The Horror Cast offer “keepsakes” gift…

Former member of The Horror Cast (R.I.P) Keenan Oakes has created an account at bandcamp where the entire 'Cities Of Deception' EP can be downloaded for free.

Acts Of Aggression reaching the Western Cape…

The notorious Pretoria death metal band, Architecture Of Aggression, have propagated hostilities towards the major societal institutions of the world for all their years in existence. Now, this weekend (10 December) will see them live in the Western Cape for a series of devastating shows as part of their "Acts Of Aggression Tour". See here for details

Emalyth Arts Exposure Day

This weekend in Johannesburg is this unique event by Emalyth, focusing not only on music, but also on a diversity of 'alternative' arts produced by members of the local community. Be sure to make a turn - or better - make a day of it, if you are living or visiting that part of the country.